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Sterling Sober Resources Inc.

Sterling Sober Resources Inc.


Sterling Sober Resources Inc., located in Akron, Ohio, offers residential treatment for men and women struggling with substance abuse. The facility is located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Akron in a two story home.


There is very limited information available regarding Sterling Sober Resources Inc. and their treatment & assessment methods. The facility’s Facebook page indicates that the facility offers a safe, affordable, and structured living environment.[1] Otherwise, there are no additional details available.

One loved one polled by, at the time of this writing, gave four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness. Additionally, the reviewer felt that the facility provided varied counseling options for individuals. However, the respondent felt that the facility could improve on their strategies for treating individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its treatment staff. However, one loved one polled by at time of writing, indicated that the facility staff were experienced and well trained.


The facility offers 15 beds for male clients and five beds for female clients in a home-like setting. The residence is a two-story home set in a neighborhood of Akron. There are both private as well as shared bedrooms in the home; it is not clear how or if the male and female areas are separated. The living room offers simple furnishings and a television; the kitchen is equipped with basic appliances including a stove and other kitchen essentials. Pictures on the facility’s Facebook page show residents helping with home improvement tasks.


At time of writing, the one loved one polled by had a generally positive opinion about the facility. The loved one cited the facility’s cleanliness and accommodations as some of its greatest strengths. They gave both categories a four out of five star rating. Additionally, the loved one lauded the staff’s level of training and experienced, and their friendly and “knowledgeable” demeanor. Overall, the loved one wrote that they would recommend this facility to another friend or loved one who was considering rehab and wrote that while it was a difficult journey for their friend, “she liked being there most of the time.”

However, loved felt that a weakness of the facility was that they were not well staffed to treat clients with mental health concerns and that those clients should not be accepted for treatment there.

On the facility’s Facebook page, which it can manage, there is an overall rating of 4.9 out of five stars based on 11 total reviews. Many of the reviewers left comments speaking highly of the work that was done at the facility and several alumni felt that the facility helped save their lives. One such alum, G.D., who gave five stars wrote, “Contributed greatly to my recovery. Helped save my life.” Another alum, J.H., agreed with that comment and was thankful to facility staff. He also gave five stars and wrote, “ Thank you guys for helping me along my journey! Wont never forget you!”


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its costs. However, a loved one of a client polled by at the time of this writing agreed that the treatment plan was affordable and/or payment plans, scholarships, or financial assistance were made available and that the treatment and services offered at the facility were worth the cost.


Reviews about Sterling Sober Resources Inc.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • It was a clean, well taken care of place, with caring, knowledgable staff. They should not accept patients with mental health issues as they are not staffed for this. I didn't have a lot of contact with anyone other than my friend, but, while it was a difficult journey for her, she liked being there most of the time.