Evergreen Substance Abuse Services

Evergreen Substance Abuse Services


Rutland Mental Health Services, formerly Evergreen Substance Abuse Services, is part of the larger Community Care Network of services in the Rutland, Vt. area and provides substance abuse services via intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. Services are offered to anyone regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation, including specialized tracks for children and elder clients. Detox is not offered by this facility.


Upon entry, clients will receive a thorough substance abuse assessment and evaluation to determine their appropriate course of treatment. The program consists of 20 different three-hour sessions over the course of five weeks (four days of attendance per week) during either the day or evening. This flexible schedule allows clients to maintain their daily routines while also receiving the treatment and care that they need. Individuals receive regular updates and feedback on their individualized treatment plans as they progress through the program.

According to the facility’s website, during the course of the five weeks, individuals receive: “Instruction in the tools and skills required to develop a lifestyle of recovery” and group sessions that focus on the developing tools for recovery in daily life. Family sessions are included in the therapy plan in order to educate and support the family as the client receives treatment. Clients also discuss relapse prevention and learn about aftercare support for follow up after completion of the program. Aftercare groups may address gender-specific issues, co-occurring mental health disorders, and maintenance recovery.

The facility also offers several community-based services for substance abuse. The “Rocking Horse Circle of Support” group offers education and support to women of all ages, including women who are pregnant, who are current substance users themselves, or whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s substance abuse. Project CRASH is an educational program offered to individuals whose driving privileges have been suspended due to violations involving substances. Treatment court is offered in collaboration with Rutland District Court, the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, as well as other community stakeholders to offer other options beside legal proceedings to individuals in trouble with the law for substance use. Finally, the re-entry program offers support services for men and women who are reentering the community after being incarcerated for substance related crimes.


Details about staff at this facility is limited at the time of this writing.


Though alumni and staff members of this facility have yet to leave ratings with Best-rehabs.com, at the time of this writing, one loved one of a client was polled. The anonymous loved one gave the facility a ratings of two out of five stars for its meals & nutrition and its accommodations & amenities, as well as a three-star rating for its treatment effectiveness. “It was clean professional and comfortable,” the individual wrote. They noted the center’s strong communication but wrote that the facility was a bit too lenient.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs.

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  • Communication was strong. A little bit to leaint It was clean professional and comfortable