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MedMark Treatment Centers Oxford Oxford Alabama

At MedMark Oxford, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping patients through the recovery process in a caring and compassionate manner. We understand the many physiological and emotional challenges our patients face along the way and also recognize that each patient’s journey through the recovery process is different. That’s why we provide individualized treatment planning to tailor our services to the unique needs of each patient at our methadone clinic.


Located in Oxford, Ala., MedMark Treatment Centers is a methadone clinic that offers a full range of services to individuals who are struggling with substance use. Admission priority is given to pregnant women. Medmark is among the only 32 (about 25 percent) facilities that offers services to pregnant women.


According to MedMark Treatment Centers’ website, each client receives an individualized treatment plan that’s tailored to their unique needs. Its outpatient methadone clinic offers a range of services to individuals struggling with addiction to morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, or other opioids.

Clients are required to come in for treatment daily at the beginning of their program. When clients follow policies and procedures, they may earn take home medication.

Programming may include medication-assisted treatment, methadone maintenance, buprenorphine maintenance, individual counseling, family and group counseling, medical evaluation services, relapse prevention education, case management, referrals to community resources, and coordinated pregnancy treatment.

Preference in admission is in the following order: pregnant women with intravenous substance use disorders, pregnant individuals with substance use disorders, all other people with IV substance use disorders, women with substance use disorders and dependent children, and all other people with substance use disorders.


MedMark Treatment Centers’ website notes the Oxford treatment center is one of the 24 (18.6 percent) of Alabama treatment facilities that is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of
Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


The one alum polled by to date gave a mostly negative review of MedMark. They gave three out of five stars for treatment effectiveness and meals and nutrition. “The staff (dosing nurses/check in staff) are very rude,” they wrote.

To date, the 10 people to leave Google Reviews gave an average of 4.4 out of five stars. Almost all individuals left positive commentary such as noting the center changed their life and its treatment effectiveness. “It’s a life saver to me never thought it would help me and to be able to get up and enjoy life again THANKS,” D.R. wrote in a representative review on Google. [1]


According to MedMark’s website, it accepts cash, money orders, and credit cards. Some locations accept Medicaid, and it is one of the 86 (66.7 percent) of Alabama treatment centers that accepts insurance.

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MedMark Treatment Centers Oxford Reviews

I have been coming here for 3 years now. Yes, I gave up 1 addiction for another. BUT, the 1 I gave up was ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, SUPER EXPENSIVE and because it was a “ street drug”, it was not given in regulated doses ( to me) and therefore my next trip was either in handcuffs or in a vinyl bag with a cheap zipper. So I can’t say enuf about Medmark of oxford . They literally saved my life. Attending there for 3 years I’ve dealt with a ton of different ppl in there as patients and staff. I think their policies are extremely appropriate. I have a full time in retail and I’m sure there are ppl I deal with that complain that I’m rude to them too?! It comes with the territory and environment. I’m NOT rude as a general rule and definitely not often if at all!!! But I’ve learned that sometimes comments like that are brought on by a ton of factors. Also you have to look at some of us who go in there.... some are still detoxing, some had to fight for a ride from 50 miles away to barely get there etc. plus most of us are there IN LINE way before the sun comes up- you add everything up and its already going to put some ppl in a grumpy mood. I think if you give a smile, eventually you will get a smile!!!!! Ppl, be nice! They are there to help us. The ppl complaining that it’s too expensive, they are not friendly, the hours suck.... lol give me a break! No one is making you go there- if you are not happy, go back to your “ DOC” where the hours are better and your DRUG DEALER always greets you with a smile on his face at 5:00 am. But I promise you doing what you were that brought you in there sure as HELL isnt cheaper!!!! What some of you are paying in 2-3 weeks of treatment- I was paying a day! Sure crack is $5 or $10 a hit or you can get some great pills for $20 but IS THAT REALLY CHEAPER???? I don’t regret 2 seconds of my visits to Medmark!!! I gladly use 20-30 minutes of my am to hang out there - it’s 1000x better than what brought me there 3 years ago! GET OVER IT -
You check in go to the back get your meds and leave. Some of the dosing nurses are nice. I guess people expect it to be a five star resort. You could pay for your DOC.. so you can pay for this lol. Give me a break!
The staff is rude and they do not care about helping their patients. They have no problem at all with letting you withdrawal or relapse by not giving you your medicine and sending you on your way to be sick or go back to your D.O.C do that you aren’t sick because of them and their “policies”. It’s ridiculous and I will not change my ratings until the policies are changed and I will continue to let everyone who considers this place for treatment know not to bother until the policies are changed.
I don’t have anything to say
Treatment EffectivenessMeals & NutritionDo not consider hardships patients undergo..Most expensive in.area. Refuse to work with patients dependant on methadone. I have been on methadone at this clinic 20 years now have to do without because of price. Try to detox off methadone after 20 years.