Atlantic Shores Hospital

Atlantic Shores Hospital


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Atlantic Shores Hospital provides acute and long-term treatment for chemical dependency and mental illness. Short-term inpatient treatment for adults includes detoxification and an extended residential program is offered for adolescents. The hospital receives individuals for court-ordered treatment and under Florida’s involuntary admissions Baker Act and. Atlantic Shores is operated by Universal Health Services, which also runs several other comparable rehab centers nationally, including The Vines in Ocala.


Both adult and adolescent treatment programs utilize cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with 12-step concepts. Clients who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders will participate in dual diagnosis treatment.

Treatment for several psychiatric conditions is available. Clients in a medical detox and stabilization program also participate in psychotherapy, education, and social rehab.

Males and females ages 11 to 17 have access to longer term treatment that incorporates schooling along with individual and group counseling, recreational therapy, and dietary support. The facility’s website notes that clients can receive treatment for addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, and cocaine.

Aftercare consists of referrals to local Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


This facility is licensed by the state’s health and children and family services departments. Treatment team members include master’s level therapists, mental health technicians, and medical staff. Nurse practitioners are supported by attending psychiatrists and a general medical doctor.


Atlantic Shores maintains 42 beds for adults and 30 for adolescents. According to the facility’s website, rooms are semi-private and meals are provided in a common dining room. While accommodations are based in a clinical setting, the campus is located on two acres close to the beach and clients have access to several amenities designed to support holistic recovery. Among these are social areas with televisions, an exercise center, and outdoor seating and walking spaces.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has not yet received any feedback on this facility from former clients of this facility. A majority of 11 Google reviews, submitted by alumni and affiliated friends and family, were critical, giving Atlantic Shores an average rating of just 2.2 stars out of five.

The most common area of concern shared was the hospital’s lack of adequate attention to mental health care in comparison with substance use. Two alumni also reported a lack of one-on-one therapy. Among other complaints were poor communication, disorganization, overemphasis on money, and unprofessional staff.

One positive reviewer acknowledged that the facility did not provide long-term care for adults but was helpful for detox and stabilization.[1]


At the time of this writing, has received survey responses from one former employee. Their review was also very critical and included ratings of just one and two stars out of five for many aspects, including the effectiveness of treatment, most metrics measuring accommodations, affordability, and holistic treatment options. While indicating that the level of staff training and experience was strong, they also noted a high turnover of staff and clients and a focus on finances by the administration.

Ten Glassdoor reviews and 11 Indeed reviews provided support for many of this complaints, with an average rating of less than three stars out of five on each site. Problems commonly cited included understaffing and high turnover with limited training. A few positively reported a sense of reward in working with clients, suggesting a commitment to helping despite management issues.[2]


The facility’s website instructs potential clients to make an appointment with a staff member to confirm whether care can be covered by insurance, Medicaid, or charity care. Payment plans may also be arranged.


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  • They were all about money and turnover both with patients and clients.