Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation – Jake’s Place

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation – Jake’s Place


Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation (BBAHC) offers comprehensive health care services to Alaska Natives and American Indians at more than two dozen southwest Alaskan locations. The Dillingham facility operates Jake’s Place, a residential substance abuse treatment center. Also at Dillingham are day and outpatient programming, as well as emergency services. Social detoxification support is available on-site and the facility prioritizes extensive aftercare opportunities


Initial assessments utilize American Society of Addictions Medicine tools to determine and develop treatment plans for each client, according to job descriptions on the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation website. Residential treatment programs last between 45 and 90 days, with an open enrollment system. Intensive day treatment and less structured outpatient programming vary in length, and some behavioral health services are provided on location in area villages.

BBAHC treatment is evidence-based, involving group and individual therapy sessions and psychoeducational programming. Multiple modalities are utilized, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and 12-Step facilitation. Also in use is the Matrix Model, which typically integrates multiple different forms of therapy along with positive reinforcement and substance use screenings. In addition, the facility offers a tobacco prevention and cessation program.

Continuing care is offered for 12 weeks following completion of a Jake’s Place or other Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation substance abuse program. BBAHC aftercare emphasizes strengthening clients’ community and family support systems.


Job descriptions for Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation treatment staff require counselors to have experience and training in treating co-occurring disorders as well as familiarity with the cultures of the region’s peoples. Some staff members are fluent in Yupik.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, the one alum surveyed by to date characterized Jake’s House and its rehab environment as “like a family.” He supported his favorable opinions with ratings of five out of five stars apiece for general accommodations, meals and nutrition, and the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep. Less satisfying were exercise and leisure activities and visitor policies, with one and two stars, respectively. Residents participate in house chores and in traditional practices, according to the alum, Joseph.


Review coverage Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation facility. The one alum who submitted a review to indicated that he would recommend Jake’s Place to others. He reported having participated in 12 weeks of aftercare and particularly praised the facility’s staff. The staff’s level of training and experience received a perfect five-star rating and Joseph represented counselors as supportive, available, and flexible.


Former and current employees who reviewed BBAHC for Indeed and Glassdoor revealed highly favorable perspectives on fellow staff members and their commitment to mission of the facility. None mentioned substance abuse programs or Jake’s Place specifically.

Nine individuals contributed to an average rating on Indeed of 4.2 out of five stars. Reviewers tended to describe positive staff interactions and a challenging but rewarding and enjoyable workplace.[1] Two Glassdoor reviewers agreed about both points.[^2}


Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation and Jake’s Place are partly funded by the Indian Health Service. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance are also accepted and the facility offers a sliding fee scale and payment plans..


Reviews about Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation – Jake’s Place

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  • Traditional practices and general knowledge of local plant medicines had me intrigued from the very start. Family type meals and chores after meals; participation made it feel like a family. Of course some complained about like families. The friendly family type environment brings group members close together. We were expected to participate. New outlook on life of sobriety.