Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs, Inc., (SCADP)

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs, Inc., (SCADP)


The Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs, Inc. (SCADP) is a provider of prevention and treatment services for substance use disorder. Our mission is to serve underserved and disadvantaged populations, including individuals experiencing homelessness, pregnant and parenting women, persons of color, those living with HIV/AIDS, individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, those involved in criminal activity or the criminal justice system, and high-risk youth. Only 27.8% of California’s facilities provide treatment for pregnant or postpartum women.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Downey, just south of Los Angeles, SCADP offers residential and outpatient treatment as well as transitional living facilities in numerous locations around Southern California. Our programs also address co-occurring disorders and conditions such as homelessness, welfare dependence, criminality, HIV/AIDS, and domestic violence.


SCADP offers eight residential treatment facilities that provide treatment lasting between six weeks and a year, depending on the program. We offer residential programs and transitional-living facilities for battered women seeking treatment for substance use. One of our centers also offers a Native American Services Program. Additionally, we have a dedicated residential center for the deaf and hard of hearing, residential centers for women with children, a bilingual residential unit for Latina women and their children, a men’s HIV/AIDS center, and an “early action” center for women and children.

Our services include case management, substance abuse counseling and education, domestic violence counseling and education, treatment for co-occurring disorders, life skills training, vocational/education services, recreational and social activities, and discharge planning. We also incorporate 12-step programming.

SCADP offers specialized programs for different groups, including a program for the deaf and hard of hearing. Medi-Cal clients receive services for free. We also offer a program for clients with legal requirements related to DUIs and similar offenses, and we provide free child care for clients with children under the age of 14.


Our staff includes domestic violence professionals with experience in substance use disorder. We prioritize their training and experience to ensure high-quality care for our clients.


Across our numerous facilities, SCADP provides more than 500 residential treatment beds and outpatient care for more than 1,500 people. Our facilities offer on-site childcare services for residents with children up to the age of 14. The cleanliness, accommodations, meals, and exercise/leisure offerings vary across our facilities.


At the time of this writing, one alum has submitted feedback about SCADP to The alum gave positive ratings to the facility for its exercise and leisure opportunities, family participation, and client connectivity and visitor policy. However, the alum rated the facility lower for its holistic offerings.

On Facebook, SCADP has an average rating of four out of five stars from 34 reviews. Most of the reviews do not have written feedback or other details.

On Google, the facility has an average rating of 3.2 out of five stars from 12 reviewers. There is a mix of very negative and very positive reviews, particularly regarding the quality of the staff.


On Glassdoor, Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs has an average rating of two out of five stars from nine reviews. Most of the reviews mention a negative culture, low pay, lack of advancement opportunities, and staff behavior resembling high school gossip. Some reviews also mention insufficient staffing levels.


SCADP receives funding from county, state, and federal sources, as well as private donations. Our affordability has received positive ratings from the alum polled by


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