NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET) – Kirkwood Recovery Center

NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET) – Kirkwood Recovery Center


NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET) is a nonprofit, behavioral health care organization that offers a continuum of treatment programs for residents of Greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and Delaware. One of 15 facilities operated by NET, the Kirkwood Recovery Center provides medically-monitored detoxification services to adults struggling with chemical dependency. Clients can participate in either a drug-free or medication-assisted therapy (MAT) detox process. Located south of Wilmington, the Kirkwood center also offers short-term inpatient care, clinical case management, and transitional support services. NET facilities in Philadelphia include outpatient MAT clinics and a residential rehab center for men.


Kirkwood Recovery Center accepts clients 24/7 by referral or walk-in. In keeping with the NorthEast Treatment Centers Recovery Oriented System of Care approach, staff support clients in making decisions made throughout the assessment and treatment processes. NET also employs peer support specialists to help clients understand and participate fully in their plan of care and recovery.

This approach begins with clients’ decision whether to include medication assistance during their withdrawal experience or to focus on social and psychotherapeutic supports. During detox and in the short stay at Kirkwood some clients opt for afterward, they are introduced to the 12-step model of recovery. They also receive evidence-based individual and group counseling, life skills training, and substance abuse education.

To assist individuals who have undergone multiple detoxifications or treatment programs, the facility offers an early treatment engagement program focused on relapse prevention. This post-detoxification program provides integrated case management and community-based peer mentorship to support individuals until they have successfully transitioned into a longer-term residential or outpatient program to receive ongoing treatment.


In addition to peer specialists, Kirkwood Recovery Center employs physicians and nurses, case managers, and substance abuse counselors. The facility’s website emphasizes a team approach to treatment.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, the sole individual polled by to date indicated strong satisfaction with most relevant aspects evaluated. They award ratings of four out of five stars each for general accommodations, meals and nutrition, and the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep. By contrast, policies regarding outside communication, and exercise and leisure activities received just one star apiece. The alum reported that there were “not a lot of downtime activities.”

NorthEaste Treatment Centers’ website notes that volunteer opportunities in local communities are organized and encouraged for alumni.


Feedback for Kirkwood Recovery Center provided by former clients is mixed, tending to reflect polarized perspectives. The one alum polled by was highly critical especially of the facility’s limited approaches to treatment. They rated the overall effectiveness of treatment three stars, while granting just one apiece for holistic therapy offerings, counseling options, and family participation. This feedback contrasts with the intentions highlighted on the NET website for client decision-making. “This facility makes it hard to be rehabilitated because they treat every client the same,” the alum concluded.

On Google, four reviews for Kirkwood were split between three five-star ratings and one rating of just one star. The critical reviewer described staff as rude and lacking knowledge, while one positive alum wrote, “The staff are compassionate and helpful.”[1] Likewise on CiteHealth, a one-star reviewer described staff as rude and the educational material as too simplistic, while a maximum five-star reviewer wrote: “The staff was friendly an they had alot of options for any need you may have.”[2]

Fourteen Facebook reviews split favorably along similar lines to Google, averaging a rating of 3.9 out of five stars. Comments referenced the life-saving effect of the program, although one alum reported a need for more effective aftercare planning.[3]


Kirkwood Detoxification Center accepts private insurance and Medicaid. According to the facility’s website, the center also accepts uninsured clients and is a United Way affiliate. Although ultimately critical of the facility, the sole individual polled by awarded five stars for affordability.


Reviews about NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET) – Kirkwood Recovery Center

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  • They are clean. They are limited to what sort of treatment you get. Everyone gets the same treatment. This facility makes it hard to be rehabilitated because they treat every client the same. They also don't have a lot of downtime activities at all, so clients tend to get bored easily, which is never good when they are trying to get clean.