DOT Caring Centers, Inc.

DOT Caring Centers, Inc.


Dynamic Outpatient Treatment (DOT) Caring Centers, Inc. operates three substance abuse treatment facilities in Michigan. The Freeland facility, located beside a busy road on the outskirts of the small town of Freeland in mid-eastern Michigan, offers residential, outpatient, and detox services for clients seeking treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring conditions.


Treatment at DOT Caring Centers, Inc. begins with an initial psychiatric evaluation by the facility’s staff. Clients are recommended for different programs based on the outcome of this assessment. Clients can begin with detox services, but client’s with less severe needs can enroll in specialized outpatient and residential programs for specific addictions.

Treatment consists of evidence-based practices based on the 12-steps principles and proven therapy methodologies. Clients participate in counseling and group work while working through educational courses. Clients that need medical intervention can participate in the Suboxone treatment program to reduce their dependence on different substances while seeking treatment.

Specialized programs are available for different addictive substance as well as several programs that address legal concerns. The facility offers the First Offenders Intense Learning Session (F.O.I.L.S.) to help clients prevent other occurrences and to fulfill legal requirements.

In addition to core treatment, DOT offers a Life Skills Coaching Program, which provides supervised case management for those who may be more susceptible to relapse. These clients may be in between programs, dealing with co-occurring issues, preparing for discharge, or hindered by social phobias.

Family participation is encouraged throughout treatment. Family services, such as counseling, may be available to help clients rebuild their support networks. Programs are available to help families deal with domestic violence and anger management.


The treatment staff at DOT Caring Centers, Inc. consists of a physician and nursing staff, as well as therapists and group leaders. The Suboxone program is monitored by a physician. The three individuals polled by to date on the staff’s level of training and experience gave it a two-star, a three-star, and a four-star rating out of five.


There is currently no information provided by the DOT Caring Centers, Inc. regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, all three individuals polled by to date gave the facility three out of five stars for its accommodations and four stars for its cleanliness.


The single alum polled by to date gave a mostly positive review, indicating that she would strongly recommend treatment at this facility to others.

Alum Sarah gave it five out of five stars for its treatment effectiveness and four stars for its treatment for co-occurring disorders and its 12-step program. However, she gave the center just one star for its family participation and its holistic options. “The simplicity of it made me focus mainly on myself which was the major issue,” she wrote, and praised the center’s caring, attentive staff — though she also indicated that the program needed more group field trips.

On, alum Lisa gave the facility a three out of five star review and wrote: “I recently completed 4 days of opiate detox followed by a 21 day residential treatment program. The group therapy was extremely helpful.” [1]


At the time of this writing, has received feedback from two loved ones about DOT Caring Centers, Inc. Both loved ones gave mixed feedback.

The loved ones gave the center two- and three- out of five star ratings for its counseling options, treatment for co-occurring disorders, family participation, and exercise/leisure offerings. However, for the center’s treatment effectiveness, they gave a five-star rating and a three-star rating.

Though the two loved ones praised the center’s “experienced and caring staff” and “structured environment,” one reviewer added: “Religious agenda… No follow-up care, only recommendations for other resources and meetings,” and the other wrote: “No extra ciricular activities, no gym and not much to do. Techs are not trained in cpr and medical management.”


On Indeed, there was just one review of the Freeland location: a two out of five star rating. [2] “There is little to no consistency between shifts and other techs. The rules change depending on who you work with,” the anonymous reviewer wrote. The current employee also described the hours for shifts as difficult.


DOT Caring Centers accepts Medicare and Medicaid, and is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, and Connecticut General. All three of the individuals polled by to date gave the facility four out of five stars for its affordability; “Accepts financial aid through state,” one wrote anonymously.


Reviews about DOT Caring Centers, Inc.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
Great counsel and staff not enough one on one time Great doctor and staff. You will learn a lot about your addiction and the tools to manage it .