Recovery Ventures Corporation

Recovery Ventures Corporation


Located in scenic Black Mountain, N.C., Recovery Ventures Corporation provides long-term residential treatment for adult men and women struggling with substance abuse. The two-year, peer-based program combines evidence-based clinical services with work therapy. The center’s mission is to guide clients toward long-term sobriety and self-sufficiency. Recovery Ventures does not provide medical detoxification services on-site and, within the state, is among 16 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities that offer long-term, non-hospital residential care.


Clients undergo an initial assessment with clinicians to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. They then attend a five-day orientation to transition into long-term residential treatment. As clients progress through the program’s five phases, they earn privileges and gain new responsibilities within the therapeutic and local community.

During all phases of treatment, clients participate in up to five mandatory clinical groups per week, along with specialty groups, 12-step meetings, and individual counseling sessions. Clinical groups focus on emotional expression, relationships, grief, anger management, and conflict resolution. Clients also may attend spirituality groups, gender-specific groups, and life skills groups. In addition to recreational activities and a two-day family program, the center offers a therapeutic horticulture program to promote holistic wellness.

Recovery Ventures provides extensive vocational training through partnerships with local employers. Clients help operate and maintain the facilities as well as orient and mentor new clients. During the last phase of treatment — internship — clients secure full-time employment and attend two aftercare groups per month.


Recovery Ventures’ staff includes licensed substance abuse counselors, a horticulture therapist, peer leaders, and an administrative team. Clients also work with local employers for vocational training.


Recovery Ventures operates four primary residences and four transitional living facilities. The two primary residences for men accommodate up to 86 clients whereas the two for women house a total of 35 individuals. The center’s four transitional housing facilities are for men feature 10 beds each. Each residence resembles a family home, and some offer picturesque mountain views. During their stay, clients perform chores and help with the upkeep. The center also operates a 13-acre farm and a hydroponic greenhouse. Clients tend and harvest crops to sell to local retailers and restaurants.


The two alumni polled by to date offered favorable feedback about Recovery Ventures, as reflected in the perfect five stars they awarded the major survey categories of treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition. They also gave five stars to rate affordability and likelihood they’d recommend the facility, five and four stars for facility cleanliness and upkeep, and four stars for staff experience and training. However, they assigned four and two stars for family participation. Former client M.F. highlighted vocational training and the program’s length as strengths, writing: “Excellent facility for those serious about recovery.”

Secondary sites yielded positive reviews, including 4.2 out of five stars based on 64 reviews on Facebook, which the organization can manage. Many reviewers credited the rigorous program for their sobriety. “Its the best decision I ever made.. This program is not easy and its not for everyone…only men and women who are willing to do whatever it takes in order to change their lives and gain recovery,” Tracy wrote in a representative positive review..


Of the Facebook reviewers referenced above, affiliated friends and family members also provided positive opinions to date. Some five-star reviewers praised the program for its life-changing work: “Saved my sons life. I wonder out of all the ones complaining how many finished the group and a still clean,” wrote Byron. Loved one Sheila added: “This is a very tough program but it saves my daughter’s life and saved our family as a whole. Many addicted individuals Have no use for structure or respect , for themselves or anyone else. They will learn those things in this program.”

A few reported prison-like conditions and uncaring treatment that left clients in worse condition: “More like a prison,work all day long with no pay,,this place is for people looking at prison time or is homeless!! would not recommend this place to anyone,” Lisa posted.


Recovery Ventures is a 501c(3) charitable organization, where clients work in exchange for treatment and housing. Although the center is self-sustaining, any additional costs are offset by charitable donations.

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  • Long term treatment. Vocational training. Excellent facility for those serious about recovery.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
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  • It was good.