Solution House

Solution House


Located in Philadelphia, Pa., Solution House provides sober living to homeless veterans or people struggling with addiction. Solution House’s website indicates the center’s mission is to “transform former addicts into productive, independent, members of society.”


According to Solution House’s website, the center strives to provide a home-like atmosphere and teach people about their disease along with giving them the tools to maintain sobriety.

Residents are expected to attend 30 Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), or Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meetings outside the house in 30 days. House members are also required to find and keep a job while living at a Solution House facility. Solution House residents are also expected to help with chores and cooking, attend house meetings, and sign in and out when they leave the facility.

The center has a number of core values such as treat everyone with dignity and respect, promote active client engagement and participation in recovery, create opportunities to heal from addiction and trauma, encourage individuals to make health choices, respect diversity, promote health, build healthy relationships, and build trust.

The center’s website indicates the Solution House also has a driver’s license recovery program. The program is designed to help residents get their lives back together after a DUI.


According to the center’s website, the treatment staff includes case managers.


According to Solution House’s website, each house comes with cable TV in every room, free access to a computer with internet, and unlimited calling. Fees also cover a set of toiletries including a wash cloth, razors, and soap.


The one alum that was surveyed by at the time of this writing had a mostly positive experience with Solution House. They gave the center five out of five stars when asked if they would recommend it. They also rated the center high in almost every category including counseling options and the staff’s experience. However, they did rate the center’s holistic offerings the worst with two stars. They wrote the center is “committed to recovery,” but needed some “follow up care.”

Elsewhere online to date, reviews are mostly positive. On the facility’s Facebook page, which it can edit, 11 ratings average 4.9 out of five stars.[1] Mark gave a perfect rating and wrote: “a great place and really addresses recovery in a real solution type way,” and Anthony added, “This is a great house probably the best around if your a young man trying to get clean.”

The facility has received an additional review from alum G.K. who awarded the facility five out of five stars on Google and wrote: “Best recovery house in Philadelphia.”[2]


The Solution House’s website indicates it accepts most insurances. The Solution House requires residents to pay weekly on Fridays. The center is $135 a week if a resident pays cash, and it is $105 a week for indigent clients. There is also a $100 intake fee.


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