Port Cities Rescue Mission

Port Cities Rescue Mission


Port Cities Rescue Mission is a Christian-based facility that was founded 1984. The ministry focuses on helping the homeless by providing shelter, treatment, and transitional housing services.


Counseling for clients in this program focuses on what led the individual to homelessness. From there, clients may receive drug addiction recovery services, case management, and referrals to community programs that help with relapse and future homelessness prevention.

Many clients also receive job training and placement and well as budgeting/financial aid and help developing other life skills.


At the time of this writing, the program’s website does not provide details about its treatment staff. It is a member of the United Way of South Jefferson County, though, and volunteers are welcome.


Clients stay in home-like residences throughout the area. There are both men’s and women’s emergency shelters, as well as a family center and transitional housing, each of which can take about 10 to 18 residents at a time. Food and shelter is provided.


The single review submitted to date to Best-rehabs.com was from an alum who gave negative ratings. While the reviewer gave four out of five stars for whether the cost was worth their treatment, all other aspects received just one or two stars, such as treatment effectiveness and the connectivity/visitor policy. The anonymous reviewer could identify no strengths of the program and indicated that the worst part was the director.

Elsewhere online, reviews are mixed. The facility’s Facebook page has four ratings that average 3.8 out of five stars to date.[1] Robert gave five stars and wrote: “PCRM the Lazarus house and the Magdalene project have truly been a blessing” and Felton added: “Great place to start over. Good ppl who keep your situation in mind.”

Theresa, on the other hand, was not pleased with her stay and gave just one star. She told Facebook: “If you are disabled or a vet, Port Arthur City Rescue Mission is not the place for you! It’s kinda like checking yourself into prison!” She went on to note a lack of communication with the outside world and limitations on what kind of medications were allowed.

Additionally, there are two ratings on Google at the time of this writing, both of which are five-star ratings, though no commentary was offered.


Though details about costs and coverage are not provided on the facility’s website to date, it is likely that all shelter and services are covered by the ministry.

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