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Campbell County Memorial Hospital – Behavioral Health Services

Campbell County Memorial Hospital – Behavioral Health Services


Located in Gillette, Wyo., Campbell County Memorial Hospital runs an eight-bed behavioral health inpatient unit and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adults and teens (13 and older) faced with severe psychiatric disorders. The hospital primarily addresses individuals with a primary psychiatric disorder, but does not provide on-site detoxification.


All clients undergo an initial substance abuse assessment upon intake to form the groundwork of an individualized treatment plan. For individuals requiring stabilization, short-term inpatient care, consisting of pharmacological intervention, medication management, and therapeutic programming, may be recommended. To ensure patients have immediate access to treatment, the hospital offers crisis intervention and enhanced walk-in services for clients suffering from severe psychiatric issues.

Focusing on relapse prevention, IOP sessions include individual counseling, group therapy, and psychoeducational classes. Those with a dual diagnosis may also attend mindfulness-based stress reduction groups to help alleviate anxiety and stress common in early recovery. Designed for individuals with moderate to severe anxiety and depression, these stress-reduction groups may entail guided meditation, breathing techniques, and gentle yoga exercises.

Campbell County Memorial Hospital also offers a specialized program for suicide prevention and support. Parenting classes are also available. Across all programs, psychiatric and behavioral, the hospital emphasizes family participation as a core component to treatment. Loved ones may participate in family counseling sessions and attend codependency support groups. Prior to program completion, case managers promote sustained recovery by providing referrals to community-based resources.


Campbell County Memorial Hospital’s behavioral health unit is staffed by an experienced and licensed team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, substance abuse counselors, case managers, and behavioral health technicians.


Although information regarding the hospital’s behavioral health unit is limited, the eight-bed unit provides patients with 24-hour access to medical care in a supervised setting. Clinical yet comfortable, behavioral health units provide an atmosphere conducive to stabilization and short-term treatment.


The single former patient surveyed by as of this writing gave their approval of many aspects of the facility. The survey respondent gave perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s staff support and its ability to resolve conflicts, as well as four stars for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep. “It was a few years ago, but I appreciated the staff’s help in keeping me and bringing me to a stable point so that I could leave the hospital and re-gain my normal life again,” the anonymous alum wrote.

WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY has yet to receive any reviews from loved ones to date.

On Google, seven individuals collectively shared an average rating of three out of five stars; however, reviewer MacKenzie called the hospital “a joke,” warning others: “If you have a life [threatening] injury you will not get the attention and help you need. I pray for the families that don’t get what they need from this hospital.”[1]


Secondary sources indicated that staff members were generally satisfied with their employment. On Glassdoor, for example, five staff members gave the hospital an excellent average rating of four out of five stars.[2] A former administrative professional reported being able to “help people in time of need” and “leave work at work.”


Campbell County Memorial Hospital accepts private insurance providers, Medicare, Medicaid, military insurance, and self-payment. The hospital also offers sliding scale fees based on income.


Reviews about Campbell County Memorial Hospital – Behavioral Health Services

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The facility was very helpful and allowed me to progress at my own pace instead of rushing me. I don't remember any outpatient care other than returning to a new doctor. This was helpful. I felt safe and comfortable especially now, knowing that if I went to the facility again I would be treated and released and well again quickly. It was a few years ago, but I appreciated the staff's help in keeping me and bringing me to a stable point so that I could leave the hospital and re-gain my normal life again.