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Bradford Health Services offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatment options at numerous locations across the country. The Madison, Alabama facility is home to Bradford’s adult residential substance abuse rehab and adolescent residential substance abuse rehab. Located less than 10 miles from the Huntsville International Airport, the facility provides clients with a safe, compassionate, and supervised environment to begin the journey of recovery. Both programs focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit via various clinical, recreational, and social therapies in a relaxing setting.


With over 30 locations in the Southeast, Bradford Health Services offers a variety of programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The facility in Madison, Ala., located 10 miles from the Huntsville International Airport, offers residential treatment programming for adults and adolescents ages 13 to 18. According to the facility’s website, the adolescent program also includes a period of monitored detoxification. Additional services, including outpatient treatment programs and continuing care, are available through Bradford’s other locations.


Upon admission, all clients receive a comprehensive assessment to help guide the development of their individualized treatment plan. Treatment for adults is based on 12-step principles and includes individual and group therapy sessions in a structured environment. Family is a core component of Bradford’s approach, and loved ones are encouraged to participate in the recovery process. Clients also engage in adventure-based education, which challenges self-imposed limits and develops self-confidence, trust, and respect for others.

Like adult care, programming for adolescents draws upon the 12-Steps. Staff administer therapy in small groups, one-on-one sessions, and within adventure-based settings. Family members are also encouraged to participate in the center’s educational workshops, meetings, and therapy sessions. Additionally, certified educators are available to help clients who are still enrolled in school.


According to Bradford Health Services’ website, the center’s treatment team includes physicians and qualified addiction counselors. Certified educators are also available to assist adolescent clients with school work.


The Madison facility is set in a private, wooded location. The residence is modestly furnished, and most clients share bedrooms. The eight alumni polled by at the time of this writing gave the center’s level of cleanliness an average rating of 4.25 out of five stars.


Alumni polled by at the time of this writing provided mixed reviews. When asked how likely they were to recommend the Madison facility to others, the eight survey respondents provided a rating of 3.63 out of five stars. Like the facility’s cleanliness, the program’s level of family participation received a relatively high rating of 4.13 stars. “I thought that family participation was a beneficial attribute of the facility; however, they need to offer more holistic offerings,” one anonymous reviewer wrote. The staff’s level of training and experience also received a high rating of four stars, but alumni review commentary regarding the center’s staff varied significantly. Some respondents described staff as “rude” and disrespectful, and others praised the “Good facility and staff.”

The center’s exercise and leisure options received an above-average rating of 3.25 stars, despite some alumni complaints about “Little to no exercise.” The center’s holistic offerings and its counseling options received lower ratings of two and 2.88 stars, respectively. Multiple alumni expressed appreciation for the center’s small group sessions, but some felt that 12-step methodology alone was insufficient.

The center’s affordability received an average rating of three stars, yet multiple respondents expressed frustration with what they perceived as a focus on money. “I am dissapointed that they are all about money and wont help u unless you cough up about 30k so never will i use there services again,” B.B. told


The two loved ones polled by at the time of this writing shared differing perspectives. B.B. gave the facility five out of five stars for its treatment effectiveness. “My child was treated here for substance abuse and benefitted very much from the program,” they wrote. An anonymous loved one told that they were unlikely to recommend the facility to others, citing “individual counseling” as one of the program’s weaknesses.


The two staff members surveyed by to date noted that they would recommend the facility to friends and family. D.O. highlighted the “great clinical support staff.” “We are always striving to better ourselves and our facility by taking extra training courses,” they wrote. R.B. was slightly more critical, noting a need for more staff training and a longer treatment duration. “Even with problems it is still the best around,” R.B. wrote.


According to review data collected by, Bradford Health Services accepts most major insurance plans and offers self-pay options.

Bradford Health Services Reviews

So I just left an extensive review of my negative experience at Bradford. Now I can't find it. No surprise, Bruce Tumlin
If you are an RN sent for a 3 day evaluation then read this. Your 1st night will be in the withdrawal ward. I spent 1 night there. If you're withdrawing it will be more. I have great insurance so my 3 day evaluation turned into 7. Next day went to a cottage with other men. Had to take a van each day to get my vitals checked and receive my daily medication. I'm 60 years old at this point. They increased one of my daily high blood pressure medications without my consent. No big deal I thought. They took blood, shaved my chest hair for analysis, had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks for hidden drugs in front of females, searched my car, went thru my suitcase and confiscated my keys and phone. Know that when you are sent to a cabin there are phones. They are monitored just like prison so careful what you say. I know this because my evaluation included a comment I made to a friend by phone. They will seem like your friend and ask seemingly innocent questions about your history regarding doctors, therapists, counselors, work history, etc. They will contact EVERYONE you give them. If you have EVER in your life thought about suicide, then you are now suicidal. So at the end of my 7 days I went for dismissal. Room with all the people I had met during this ordeal. There were NO positive drug tests (and if you want those records you have to request and pay a fee. I did) Apparently, I had elevated Liver Enzymes that indicated that I was an alcoholic. Remember the increased medication I was given... side effect,,,you guessed it,, elevated liver enzymes. I was shocked. So I asked whats next.. Well we can admit you here for 6 months to cure you. Did I mention I'm a senior with Federal BC/BS. So I said get my fucking phone and keys I'm leaving. Nursing License is suspended but at my age I don't care. I wasted 2K on a lawyer so get this shit straight. Good Luck my fellow Nurses. You dont deserve this. Bruce Tumlin bruce,
I have never encountered a place where I have a wife who needs help, I have insurance, no issues and today, January 19, I have had to sit waiting on the phone for 45 minutes with no answer. We will be going to Florida for treatment. It’s like they have no employees who are doing their jobs. I used the Tuscaloosa office over a year ago and they were great, at least the person who got all of our information. The “Director “ was pretty cold to our feelings, now I find out that office doesn’t exist. Someone needs to Buy this company and actually do something with it!!!
I shall keep my comments short and only say that this place was one of the worst experiences of my life. I cannot believe that I paid $15,000 for 21 days of absolute hell. I went there with the understanding that this was a 12 step based program, only to learn that was an absolute lie. Their program placed virtually no effort into learning the 12 steps. The extent of their efforts was a hand written wall poster of the list of the 12 steps. Please look for somewhere else to go. Look into Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, MS or some of the places in Florida. Or just save your money and look for help from a local AA chapter. God Bless and stay strong..
The Steps of Faith program at Bradford in Warrior Alabama is amazing. It helped my loved one reconnect with God. The organization of this facility is Amazing. They admittance procedure was handled professionally and with caring staff members. The doctors and counselors see patients on a regular basis during in-patient stay. I would recommend the Steps of Faith to anyone struggling with addiction or co-occurring disorders. The 12 Steps is good, but the Steps of Faith goes one step further by emphasizing that Jesus Christ is that Higher Power and that patients can have a personal walk with Jesus Christ. This is the answer to addiction. I've taken my loved one to several dual treatment facilities and this one tops them all. Thank you for offering this Christian alternative treatment plan.