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Family Life Center


Family Life Center’s Fort Payne, Ala. location offers outpatient treatment to adults ages 19 and older struggling with substance abuse. With eight locations in Alabama, Family Life Center is a nonprofit dedicated to providing various types of counseling for those struggling with substance abuse, chemical dependency, and mental health problems.


To be admitted, clients begin by calling the treatment facility to schedule an assessment. There are strict eligibility requirements that must be met prior to admission: clients must not be experiencing withdrawal or have withdrawal needs that cannot be safely met in the outpatient setting, clients must be medically stable, clients should be determined to benefit from the program and be at high risk for relapse without the assistance of the program- as determined by the initial assessment, and clients must be determined to potentially benefit from the recovery environment.

Each client receives an individualized treatment plan based on an initial assessment that is conducted by the client’s counselor. The treatment plans are assessed throughout the program to ensure that progress is being made or to make adjustments to the plan as needed. The overall goal of treatment is to help clients become active members of their local self-help groups so that recovery can continue even after treatment has concluded.

Most clients remain in treatment for seven months. The intensive outpatient treatment program involves nine hours of treatment per week.

Family Life Center’s treatment program follows the 12-step method. Throughout treatment, clients benefit from individual counseling as well as educational and therapeutic group meetings. Educational meetings focus on a variety of topics including substance and alcohol abuse, domestic violence prevention, at-risk youth, and employee assistance programs. The facility states it is able to treat clients with dual diagnoses.

Family Life Center also offers outpatient counseling in several different styles. Individual counseling sessions help clients to focus on both things they can control and things that need to be trusted to God. Family Life Center is a Christian-based facility and focuses their treatment methods around Christian beliefs. Clients may also benefit from faith-based Biblical counseling. This style of counseling includes a spiritual dimension and Christian theology based therapy. Couples therapy works with married or committed couples to work through hurts and conflicts that may be present in a long-term relationship.

Drug testing services for both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT programs are available.


The treatment team at Family Life Center includes master’s level licensed social workers, licensed and certified counselors, and certified addictions counselors.


The one alum polled by gave Family Life Center’s Fort Payne locations a mixed review. The anonymous alum awarded the facility perfect five star ratings for treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition, but was critical of other areas, giving only a one star rating for the facility’s holistic offerings, family participation, exercise and leisure options, and counseling options. The alum’s commentary was also mixed. The alum noted that there weren’t many activities, but lauded the “good people” on the staff and wrote, “It’s a great environment.”

On Google, there is an overall rating of five out of five stars based on one total review.[1] The reviewer did not leave any commentary explaining their rating of Family Life Center.


The cost of the intensive outpatient treatment program at Family Life Center is $45 per week. An assessment costs $50, and a jail assessment costs $75. Clients are encouraged to contact the facility directly for additional information regarding the cost of treatment.


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  • Good people. Less activities. It's a great enviroment