The Haven

The Haven


The Haven is operated by SpectraCare, a nonprofit health care system that provides psychiatric and counseling services in residential and outpatient settings at centers throughout Southeast Alabama.

The Haven provides residential treatment for men and women, from a remote facility in a heavily wooded area five miles northwest of the small city of Dothan, Ala.


Priority admission is given to pregnant women, IV drug users, and individuals with dependent children. The Haven encourages participation in support groups such as the 12-step fellowship and Celebrate Recovery. The other fundamentals of treatment are individual, group, and family therapy; lectures and discussions; recreational therapy; and family strengthening groups. An alum’s loved one polled by also indicated that treatment included religious services.

Aftercare consists of weekly meetings for alumni, as well as referrals to SpectraCare’s supportive housing facilities, in appropriate cases.


SpectraCare’s chief medical officer is a physician, but it’s not clear whether there are any medical staff on-hand at the Haven. The single alum polled by to date rated staff’s level of training and experience a perfect five stars, while one loved one rated the same category four stars.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, but the two individuals polled by to date rated the center a perfect five stars each for its accommodations and amenities, three and four stars for its meals and nutrition, and four and five stars for its cleanliness.


The single alum polled by to date, James, would recommend treatment at the Haven, and gave the center five out of five stars in most of the evaluated treatment metrics, including its overall effectiveness and staff support, and the overall quality of its individual and group counseling. “Aftercare consisted of meetings: AA and N/A,” James wrote.

At the time of this writing, The Haven had a 3.5-star average rating based on four reviews left on CiteHealth,[1] and one reviewer on Google rated the facility a perfect five stars.[2] On CiteHealth, a positive alum wrote in a review representative of positive feedback: “My overall exp at the haven was life saving. the staff was wonderful, and i was given the tools i needed to get back on track!!” Another one wrote in a review representing negative feedback: “Not qualified, bad experience in intensive outpatient treatment. Incorrectly diagnosed.”


The single loved one polled by to date gave the Haven five out of five stars for its overall effectiveness, but would not recommend treatment at this center. “Strengths include: group therapy daily, counseling one-on-one, religious services, and cleanliness,” they wrote, and gave the center four out of five stars for its family program, counseling options, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. However, they also indicated that the center was lacking in extracurricular activities, giving it just two stars for its exercise and holistic options, and writing: “There were not enough activities like exercise or watching tv.” They also indicated, anecdotally, a high relapse rate among graduates in their acquaintance.


According to its website, SpectraCare accepts most major insurance providers, including Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as self-payment. Financial assistance is available for uninsured clients. The single individual polled to date on the center’s affordability gave it two out of five stars.


The Haven Reviews

I stayed at the Haven inpaitent for a year in 2016. And a few months in IOP after that. I've been to multiple rehab programs before this, none working for me. The Haven saved me. I'm so grateful for them. 7 years clean in 2023.
I started my recovery from alcohol addiction at The Haven July 2021. I’ve never been to a residential rehab. At first I didn’t think this was for me but decided to try for a week. I had no court order to be there. I chose to go there for help. Being there has changed my life. I’ve learned so much about myself and how to stay sober. The staff was professional and compassionate. I was literally soaked with alcohol. I was physically and mentally in bad shape. I stayed 60 days and am now 5months clean and sober. I’ve gained knowledge and support to recover. I never imagined I would feel healthy and happy again. I do now. I left with so much more insite and tools to continue living a safe and sober life. I even lost 30 lbs without trying. Every class, activity and meal was healthy and helpful. I’m proud of myself and thankful I had this place to go to.
Best life changing experience as I am now 526 days clean and sober! Excellent program!! Best staff ever!!
Best life changing experience I have had. Been a hard core drug addict/alcoholic for over 28 yrs. and this place changed my life. Im now clean and sober for 526 days thanks to the Haven. If you have to keep calling to get through to someone or get a return call then do it!! Show how bad you want it and the rest will fall in place.
The Haven provided me with a safe, encouraging and comprehensive environment in which to change my life. The Staff are smart, empathetic and knowledgeable, most of whom have and employ first hand experience of addiction and the results thereof. If a woman WANTS to address and change her life the tools, support and examples are provided for the recovery process here. The emphasis is on the person as a WHOLE. Dual/ Multi diagnosis is determined, recognized and addressed with both respect and efficacy. It wasn't always EASY for sure but the community here inspired and uplifted me. They saw the Woman inside the beat up shell and more importantly helped ME to see myself as a survivor, strong and capable. I was blessed to be here when I needed it the most.