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Evolving since 1988, Prescott House has become nationally recognized for men needing extended care treatment. Serving as a residential rehabilitation facility for men from all walks of life, Prescott House provides intensive recovery treatment for addiction as well as other life hindering issues.


Prescott House in Prescott, Arizona, provides long-term residential treatment for men dealing with addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, and pornography as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

The center is one of 22 (19.5 percent) in the state offering treatment for gambling addictions


Treatment is based in the 12-steps

Clients at Prescott House will attend individual, group, and family-of-origin therapy multiple times per week as well as self-esteem workshops. During their stay, clients will participate in local volunteer work. Holistic options at Prescott House includes yoga and outdoor programming.


Prescott House employs a licensed substance abuse counselor who is also a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT), a medical director, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, and master’s-level counselors.


Clients at Prescott House will reside in apartments with shared bedrooms and will prepare their own meals. Clients have access to volunteer opportunities and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, biking, and fishing.


Seven alumni of Prescott House provided positive feedback to at this time of writing. Alumni praised the facility for their successful recovery. All alumni gave perfect five-star ratings for the center’s treatment effectiveness.

Treatment Effectiveness: 5/5

Secondary sites yield mostly positive reviews. On Google, the facility received an average rating of four out of five stars based on 11 reviews, and on CiteHealth, the facility earned an average of 4.18 out of five stars based on 11 reviews. On Prescott House’s Facebook page, which the facility can manage, the center received an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars based on 24 reviews. Alumni across all sites praised the life-changing nature of treatment. However, two individuals leaving commentary on CiteHealth reported difficult and harsh treatment from staff. [1] [2] [3]


Five loved ones polled by to date provided mixed feedback. Of the five individuals surveyed, two gave Prescott House favorable reviews while the other three gave negative feedback. Three of the five loved ones surveyed by indicated that treatment was not worth the cost. One individual reported that their loved one relapsed following treatment.


The sole employee surveyed by to date gave positive feedback about Prescott House. The anonymous staff member, who was a former client, provided perfect five-star ratings for the staff’s level of experience, loyalty to patients, and honesty.


Prescott House’s website states that it works with most insurance companies including Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, and United.


Prescott House Reviews

In spite of the Pandemic and political turmoil in our daily lives, we as a family have much to be thankful for, as we approach the end of 2020. Most notably our connection to Prescott House as a result of the time our son Luke spent with them in treatment, therapy, and recovery. Luke finally hit rock bottom about 28 months ago after 25 yrs. of battling depression, drug abuse and denial. Four years ago he went to an inpatient treatment facility in California for four months, got cleaned up for 363 days and then relapsed and spiraled into a state of drug use that had him headed for his last rodeo. These were the worst of times for us, and we were truly living day to day, it was the darkest of times. Fortunately, Luke had been introduced to a Counselor/Advocate at his last living situation and he was working with Luke, while keeping us in the loop. Rock bottom doesn’t describe the gravity of Luke’s life at this point, and when it looked as though it was all over, Luke’s doctor and the Advocate were able to get him admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital. He was safe and sober, combative and despondent; we were in panic mode knowing that if he were released without some kind of plan, he would go back to the streets and drugs. We heard of Prescott House from a friend of Luke’s and after doing the research felt that this was Luke’s best chance. I called Prescott House and spoke with Michael Murphy in the business office. He made sense to me, low key, candid, insightful, caring and totally concerned about a plan for our son. I trusted him and we made our commitment to Prescott House. Fortunately, Luke made his commitment by getting into the van when it arrived at the hospital, and that was the beginning of Luke’s road to recovery! Once Luke arrived at Prescott House we had no contact with him for two weeks. Our contact was with Michael Murphy primarily, and once or twice with a counselor, both of whom made it clear that they were very concerned about Luke’s well being, recovery and mental and physical health. They described for us the boot camp regimen and Spartan environment that Luke had entered, and it became very clear that this was no country club. When we finally spoke with Luke we sensed that something was working and that he was responding to the challenges he faced daily with instincts he always had, but hadn’t used since high school when he was a state caliber athlete. His fierce competitiveness and ability to discipline himself had returned, and coupled with his personal commitment to live drug free, was enabling him to face the daily demands at Prescott House with renewed spirit and self confidence. Luke was very “matter of fact” in talking about life at Prescott House, he made it clear that it was very tough, demanding and definitely not fun, at first he hated it but said, “This is just what I need; this is where I need to be! I’m back to square one; it’s about the work not the frills” Prescott House forced Luke to look at himself critically, relearn how to rely on himself and take responsibility for his actions and discipline himself. Luke spent 5 months at Prescott House Inpatient, followed by 4 months of Aftercare while living away from the P-house campus and working at a local grocery store. When he completed Aftercare he accepted a job at Prescott House. The 10th of every month is Luke’s sobriety anniversary and a day we all celebrate. He lives in Prescott, loves working at Prescott House as a Medical Services Supervisor, RN. We are very proud of Luke for all his hard work, past and present and his mental and physical well being. It’s been quite a journey! We as a family will be forever grateful to the staff at Prescott House for their integral role in in our son’s Recovery. Our experience was positive and reassuring and a special thanks to Michael Murphy who was our primary contact during Luke’s stay.
I entered Prescott House in 1995 following 25 years of substance abuse. I have been sober 24 years 08/20. It was an absolute privilege to have gone there. I am eternally grateful for the experience and still maintain ties to the House and the beautiful city of Prescott. It was a safe place for me to root out long term underlying issues. A big advantage is becoming a part of the community on a daily basis instead of isolated in an institution the entire time. This is an important step into reintegrating into society but having a safe haven and structure in the process. If you want luxury, it is not the place for you by design. You will not be pampered but you will be cared for. I cannot say enough good things about my experience in Prescott House
The Prescott House experience is an unforgettable one. Through self examination, acceptance, rigorous honesty and service work, even the sickest suffering alcoholic or addict can look at himself and realize that life can be beautiful. Life in recovery and a change of attitude has to come from WITHIN. Therapists and Med room can only hold up a mirror. The staff and therapists know that and they CARE deeply. Almost everyone who is employed by this center completed treatment at the Prescott House. Brotherhood, respect and honesty. Thanks to everyone there who taught me how to grow from a scared child, to a grown man.
When I first attended Prescott house I was nervous andexpected it to be like a jail. But I was pleasantly surprised. The nurturing and tough love I experienced there was amazing and really helped me get to a healthier place. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to get to a healthier place!
Prescott House Was truly instrumental in helping my brother and our family face comet deal with and recognize addiction. They helped us develop tools to confront it and understand what we were going through from all perspectives. We are very thankful for Prescott house's guidance and expertise.