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Rather than simply maintain a baseline state of physical sobriety, our guests are encouraged and guided through a thoughtful integration of 12 step recovery with a variety of life skills and personal development work. We are trauma-informed and practice a wide variety of evidence-based modalities. We challenge our guests to tap into their own potential and discover the person they lost to their addiction


SpringBoard Recovery is a full-service, luxury, drug and alcohol treatment center in Scottsdale, Ariz. The center’s residential and outpatient treatment programs are based on a combination of 12-step and holistic approaches – including naturopathic counseling and nutrition – to treat the whole person. Detoxification services and sober living options are also available.


SpringBoard Recovery believes that addiction is “a disease not just of the brain or mind, but also of the body.” Accordingly, its programs are designed to support both the physical and mental recovery of each client, helping them achieve healthy and balanced, substance-free lifestyles.

The center runs multiple levels of care to meet the needs of a wide audience. One is a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that takes the form of inpatient treatment; another is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that offers clients a sober living option while in treatment. For those with a strong support system in place, without the need for the structure of a residential setting, or simply unable to step away from work, outpatient counseling may be the best fit.

As clients choose from one of these options, they’ll be met with a holistic curriculum that aims to address four distinct areas of life: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Each day, following a morning meditation, clients attend private and group therapy as well as 12-step meetings. At night, they’ll review the day’s work and look ahead to the next one. Balanced, nutritious meals along with regular exercise promote overall health and improved brain chemistry.

Random drug screenings and weekly process meetings are also to be expected.


SpringBoard’s therapists are master’s level and licensed professionals (LPCs). Each client also has access to a medical team and peer support.


SpringBoard Recovery depicts two separate facilities on its website: an administrative office and counseling center and a residential facility.

The office and counseling center has several meeting rooms, both large and small, for private counseling and group activities, as well as a kitchenette and a game room. The luxurious residence features spacious, shared bedrooms, large bathrooms with multiple sinks, a fully-equipped modern kitchen, comfortable common areas, and a backyard area with pool, patio, and grill.


Alumni feedback is phenomenal. Collectively, 10 of the 11 former SpringBoard clients to have completed Best-rehabs.com surveys as of this writing awarded the center near-perfect average ratings for its staff’s level of training and experience (4.9 stars out of five), its counseling options (4.9), and its holistic offerings (4.6). The 10 alumni also shared perfect five-star ratings for the center’s exercise and leisure opportunities, its discharge policies, and in their overall ratings.

In their written commentary, alumni credited the program with an “Incredibly caring” staff who helped them develop the tools and skills needed to thrive in sobriety. “The recovery center taught me the tools needed to save my life, become a productive member of society, and love myself once again,” wrote alum Joshua. “Hands down the best recovery center I’ve gone through.”

Several others described the program at SpringBoard as a life-changing opportunity. “SpringBoard Recovery changed my life in such a positive way,” wrote Hunter. “Saved my life!” raved Keith in yet another excellent report.


Feedback provided by three loved ones was no less excellent.

In the most detailed of the three reports, P.S. shared her appreciation for SpringBoard with Best-rehabs.com: “Their sincere concern, along with professional expertise, provided an experience that not only saved my family member’s life, was beyond what I could have ever expected. The team is exceptional… This program is exceptional.”

Emilio and Kelsey, the two other loved ones, found the facility “clean” and “well kept,” and its staff “Very nice” and “great.”


Laura, a staff member at SpringBoard Recovery, called the program “Excellent” and its staff “Caring, supportive.”


Treatment costs $8,900 for 30 days. SpringBoard Recovery also has an insurance verification form on its website, indicating that insurance is accepted.

SpringBoard Recovery Reviews

Everyone at SprinBoard is caring and professional. Each staff member goes above and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly. The counselors are exceptional. The facilities are beautiful. When you are ready to get help SprinBoard is the premier place to go.
Springboard is a great place for recovery, they will help if you are willing to do the work. They are compassionate, and want the best for the clients. They will keep you safe, and sober.
I have been apart of the Springboard community since their first year in business. I have played many roles within their organization. Throughout my years working direct and indirectly with the staff I have had all positive experiences with my clients attending the PHP and IOP programs. The staff is amazing and the quality of care is top notch. The clinical team is exceptional and offer comprehensive care to each client in a positive nurturing way. The ownership is equally important and the positive environment comes from the leadership put in place by the owners and executive director. They offer family support as well.
Incredible program. Incredible staff who care about each individual. Great, safe and comfortable living environment. If you're ready to get sober and turn your life around, Springboard is a safe bet. I tried every avenue to get free of my addiction, and Springboard was most beneficial to me, by far. - Joshua Alesi
Amazing and involved place that loves to give back to the community