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We are client-centered, believing the affected person and families have the capacity and the ability to change and that our job is to assist them in developing a personalized program of recovery. Our program is based on the idea that recovery is a process and addiction is a treatable problem from which people recover from every day. One of the greatest gifts we have to offer is our core belief that you have the ability to get better.


Located in the suburban town of Santa Clarita in sunny Los Angeles County, Calif., Common Bond Rehab Center is amongst the 71 percent of facilities in the state that offers outpatient care for men and women struggling with substance abuse, as well as being one of the 738 (51.6 percent) centers with programming for individuals with dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

Sober living facilities are also available for for women only.


Common Bond offers both an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and general outpatient treatment. The IOP track includes three to five sessions per week, including at least one individual therapy session. The intensity of general outpatient care, on the other hand, is tailored to suit the individual client’s needs. In both program tracks, treatment is available in the daytime or the evening, to suit a variety of schedules, and both begin with a free assessment.

The program is based on the 12-Steps, with abstinence as the ultimate goal. The facility firmly believes that addiction is a treatable condition, and that clients can, and do. recover. Though the primary practice used is the 12-Steps, Common Bond also incorporates evidence-based treatment methods including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as grief, loss, and trauma counseling. The program offers relapse prevention training, even specializing in treating those who have struggled with chronic relapse.


The center employs a registered nurse as well as addiction counselors. Clients also have access to a physician, though this appears to be on a consultancy-only basis. While not much further information is available regarding treatment staff, 98.3 percent of California substance abuse treatment centers have continuing education requirements for staff.

The three individuals polled by to date on the staff’s level of training and experience gave it a single one-star rating and two five-star ratings.


Women may stay in a sober-living facility located seven miles from the treatment facility in the neighborhood of Valencia. Pictures published on the sober-living facility’s website show a comfortable, suburban-style home, with an outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi, and a TV; other amenities include WiFi and access to a gym and a tennis court.

All three of the individuals polled by to date on the center’s accommodations awarded this category five out of five stars. The facility’s cleanliness received a one-star rating and two five-star ratings, and the single individual who rated the center’s meals & nutrition gave a five-star rating.


To date, both alumni reviews submitted to were very positive, with the alumni writing in glowing terms of the staff and the change the program had wrought in their lives. “With the help and guidance of a top notch staff the education and knowledge received has done miraculous changes in the mind set of a seemingly hopeless alcoholic such as myself!!!” S.M.C. wrote in a representative review. The other former client, Sarah, appreciated how the staff “truly relate to us having had multiple years of sobriety themselves.”

At the time of this writing, secondary review sites also yielded unanimously positive reviews. On Google, the center had 10 five-star reviews,[1] and on Yelp, three five-star reviews;[2] however, it should be noted that one reviewer had posted on both sites, and that some reviews appeared to have been left by staff members whose names matched staffers polled by Reviewers repeatedly praised the facility’s founder and staff: “For the first time I feel like im where I belong. (The founder) and the staff are so loving, caring, genuine, supportive and the list goes on with the wonderful things I can say,” M.C. wrote in a representative review on Google. Similar praise can be viewed in the “not recommended reviews” section of Yelp as well, where M.S. noted, “I have recommend Common Bond Rehab to several people in Santa Clarita,” and another reviewer remarked, “Great services to have for people who need support and encouragement.”


To date, the single review from a loved one submitted to was very positive. J.E. gave Common Bond five out of five stars in almost all of the 15 evaluated areas of treatment, including its family program, counseling options, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. “I feel like they really care and are all there for the right reasons,” this loved one wrote.


The two staff members polled by to date gave very positive feedback, emphasizing the center’s commitment to its clients’ wellbeing, and the fact that the program is tailored to meet individual clients’ needs. “Though the program is relatively new the recovery staff is committed and professional,” K.C. wrote in a representative review.


The cost of treatment begins at $1,500/month, and the facility accepts private insurance on an out-of-network basis. Private payment is also accepted. One individual polled by to date on the center’s affordability gave it a one-star rating, while the other two individuals awarded affordability five stars.

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Common Bond Rehab Center Reviews

Location is close to an AA club, staff is highly competent and caring, facility is inviting and clean, accepts insurance I cannot think of any weaknesses Though the program is relatively new the recovery staff is committed and professional. The clients are receiving high quality care and excellent relapse prevention tools.
I feel they really care. No weaknesses.They have a psychiatric RN on staff, everyone that works there is in recovery and has a lot of years of sobriety, the owner gives out her personal phone number to her clients and always answers her phone, I feel like they really care and are all there for the right reasons and their counselors are highly qualified
Professional,personable, claming,welcoming,safe and ALWAYS willing to help even if we need to refer our clients out. N/A Common Bond Rehab Center / Just For Us Girls. Are you looking for help with your addiction or alcoholism? Have you been struggling with drug dependence, or just can’t stop drinking; and you cannot imagine your life continuing the way it is or going on without your “help?”WebMD describes the problem this way: Alcoholism is a long term (chronic) disease. It’s not a weakness or a lack of willpower. Like many other diseases, it has a course that can be predicted, has known symptoms, and is influenced by your genes and your life situation. So, this is not a question of your willpower or strength of character. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a process, and one best not addressed by yourself. Education, therapy, counseling and group support all aid in the building of new behavior and life habits. Addiction Recovery Centers exist to provide help with those things so that you do not need to find your way alone. Common Bond Rehab Center is a Drug and Alcohol Intensive Outpatient program that is as unique as your needs. We provide: 1. Education about addiction as a no fault, genetic disorder 2. Access to an Associate physician for evaluation 3. Marriage and Family Therapy 4. Relapse Prevention 5. Introduction to 12 Step Concepts And many other positive recovery processes. Just 4Us Girls is an associate luxurious sober living community for women that provides a safe sanctuary between primary treatment and the next step towards a healthy life in recovery. We believe that our addiction recovery programs must meet the unique needs of every individual, and your addiction counselors, group facilitators, and even the staff at Common Bond and Just 4Us Girls strive to address all of those influences of your genes and life situation. If you are seeking help with alcoholism or addiction we are here to be that help! Our mission is your success!
There is a solution!!! With the help and guidance of a top notch staff the education and knowledge received has done miraculous changes in the mind set of a seemingly hopeless alcoholic such as myself!!! Words couldn't even begin to be thanks enough to getting my life back on track with full speed ahead to great things!!!
I was a client in 2016 at this Outpatient. Two staff members in particular are knowledgeable, caring and truly relate to us having had multiple years of sobriety themselves. ,