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Unlike most alcohol abuse treatment programs, GO SOBER features a medication-assisted treatment program that works to restore the brain’s ability to produce dopamine and experience reward. Utilizing an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, GO SOBER’s primary objective is to reset those reward receptors that have been damaged by alcohol abuse and then educate patients on healthier means of generating reward responses. This process requires patients to address diet and lifestyle habits, as facilitated by GO SOBER life coaching, exercise and nutrition courses.


Go Sober of Longmont, Colo., is one of Colorado’s 376 private rehab facilities and provides outpatient-based programs for clients seeking treatment for alcoholism. The facility takes a unique approach to treatment, blending medication-based treatments with cognitive therapy, to support the lifestyle change that must accompany rehabilitation. Medication-assisted detox is available.


Treatment lasts for eight weeks, with 40 hours each week of programming. Treatment is designed for adults and seniors and, includes 25 hours of on-site participation. The program includes medically-assisted detox to help clients withstand withdrawal symptoms and begin the recovery process.

In addition to physician-supervised medication-assisted management, the Go Sober program includes outpatient support in the form of individual counseling, as well as offerings like movement therapy, stress management, and a lifestyle change program that addresses diet and exercise. Go Sober is not a 12-step program, though it encourages community-based participation for clients that want to go.

Education plays an important role in beginning the treatment process. Free consultations are available at the facility and can be scheduled online. Clients can complete the consultation to determine their individual treatment needs and to enroll in the program.

Go Sober’s treatment process focuses on addressing the biological aspect of alcohol addiction. Many of the medical treatments are designed to address the changes in the body caused by addiction, such as repairing neurotransmitter function and adjusting reactions to alcohol. By doing so, Go Sober tries to retrain clients to no longer need alcohol through adjusting and restoring brain function.

Transitional support is also available to help clients transition out of organized treatment facilities. These services focus on establishing a sober living lifestyle based on the lessons learned in the treatment program. Services reinforce sober living skills like coping skills and holding clients accountable. As much as 99% of U.S. facilities provide transitional support in some form.


In addition to the facility’s director, Go Sober employs a treatment coordinator and lifestyle coach, a medical director, and licensed addiction counselors. The staff-to-client ratio is 8:1. The founder, Greg Hoffman, is a member of Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA), the National Association of Alcohol and Drugs Addiction Counselors (NAADAC), and the Colorado Association of Addiction Professionals (CAAP).


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has received seven alumni reviews for Go Sober. Five reviews were positive and two reviews were negative.

Positive reviewers praised the treatment effectiveness and the holistic focus. Alumni also appreciated the staff members. One alum wrote that the “staff is very supportive” and another wrote: “When this treatment was combined with the counseling one finds through any rehab program, the program changed my life for the better.”

Negative reviewers wrote how the “program is awful”. Another indicated that the facility didn’t return their call.

On Facebook, the facility earned one four out of five-star review and one five out of five-star review to date. [1] In the only review with written feedback, alum Bryan wrote: “This program was different,” before describing his success with long-term sobriety.


The single loved one who provided feedback for Go Sober gave negative feedback. The loved one, Julie, was unhappy with the level of family involvement, writing: “You don’t know what is going on during the program or after the program.” She also criticized the lack of an aftercare program and the short duration of treatment. “Logic defies how one can think an 8 week program can change a 20 year addiction. Some sort of fairly routine follow up needs to be in place for any program to be effective,” she added.


Information regarding the payment methods and pricing structure for Go Sober is not available at the time of this writing.

[1] https://www.facebook.com/pg/gosober/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Reviews about Go Sober

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Save your money-ntrained staff "counselors". Keep Looking!!!
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Spoke to someone with the company only interested in the brain chemistry fix they want $10,000 to do the brain chemistry which they say Works within a week but then they want you to go through all their top therapy which their commercial States talk therapy doesn't work told me they would call me back today never return the call all there about is dollars dollars dollars
    This program is awful. They are missing the most important piece of addiction the fact that addicts and alcoholics lie to themselves and others constantly. I can't believe they don't realize this.
    double E, Go Sober is committed to helping our Clients in their desire to be done with alcohol. Unfortunately, you are correct that some of our Clients lack the ability to be honest with themselves and those that are trying to help them. That is why Go Sober integrates testing and accountability features, including both breathalyzer and urinalysis, into our program. In addition, our entire staff is trained to proactively look for the warning signs that a Client is at risk and to work as a team to address the challenges our Client is facing. Still, Go Sober is a voluntary program and we do not force change upon anyone. We can only make change easier and increase their potential to be a on new path in life.
    I had been struggling to stop drinking for years with mixed results. I went through the GS program several months ago and have been sober since my program ended. I recommend the program highly.
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    I would not recommend this treatment. First of all they have absolutely no family involvement. Anyone that is an alcoholic or a family member of an alcoholic knows without a doubt that this is a sickness that involves the entire family. You don't know what is going on during the program or after the program. And I will say that there are some strange behaviors from the drugs they are administering and the spouse should absolutely know what to expect. Secondly there seems to be no follow up program. Logic defies how one can think an 8 week program can change a 20 year addiction. Some sort of fairly routine follow up needs to be in place for any program to be effective. The remote breathalyzer that is referenced on the web site was only used for about the first month of the treatment program. Bottom line....No family involvement/communication and no follow up program = not a successful program.
    Sober for 35 days and have lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off my "wine belly" so far! I am 2 pounds away from a decade ago and only 10 more to go after that - I know it will happen, and I am absolutely positive that I will never drink again. The staff is very supportive, and the program is wonderful. I recently visited an "in patient" facility that a relative was in for a mere $50k per month - it was disgusting! In contrast, I am eating a modified paleo diet with farm to table gourmet and working out with my personal trainer and doing Power Barre and Yoga and meditation...my friend was eating disgusting food that looked and smelled terrible and was holed up with a bunch of spoiled trust fund heroin addicts that chain smoked and they made her talk about their problems non stop all day long and take drugs that are terrible for you...NOT a good place to be - their pool was unheated and filthy and I swim in a lovely club close to home...they had no gym and no yoga - the "relaxation area" doubled as a smoking area (disgusting !!!) and the people smoking were the staff members !!! She was just like me and had a happiness problem in search of a wine solution....If you are even slightly functional, love great food and believe in overall physical and mental health and want to regain or develop a very positive mental and physical state for the rest of your life, this is the only solution. I think the insurance companies and our government are getting ripped off with these "faux" detox centers. This is a much better solution for individuals and for society!
    Go Sober saved my life. I was making the transition from "functional" to "non-functional" alcoholic when I took advantage of their services. It has been over four months since treatment, and I no longer have any desire to drink. It seems miraculous. I tried AA and in-patient rehab prior to Go Sober, and occasionally could string together a few weeks of sobriety, wanting to drink the whole time. Go sober takes a medical approach, as opposed to a psychological approach, and it is far more effective. Having lived with it for a few months now, I'm getting used to not wanting to drink, so that it seems ordinary. Before Go Sober, I didn't think this was possible. But still, once a day or so, I find myself making a comparison to my former life, and feel truly thankful that I found Go Sober. It is no exaggeration to say it's a life-saver.
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    I also went through the GoSober program after years of unsuccessful attempts to remain sober. I was a bit nervous at first because of the overwhelming reviews but can honestly say it works. I am at almost a year of sobriety and am completely indifferent to alcohol. I am happy and my anxiety is gone and I am healthier than I have been in decades. To those who still struggle and suffering and really want it be done, this is it. The program is private, flexible and not only includes a medical approach but addresses nutrition, life skills, physical work and therapy from a CAC. Worth every penny!
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I attended the Go Sober program only after trying other programs, including twelve step programs both through my medical insurance and on my own. Nothing worked. My choice came down to trying Go Sober or signing into an "in house" treatment program. My fear with the "in house" programs, aside from the expense, was the question of how would I transition back to my life once I left the program's campus and returned home. I wasn't even thinking about beating my dependency through chemical infusions, but once I studied Go Sober's approach, it seemed to be custom made to address all of my concerns. Within days of treatment, my craving for alcohol was gone. It was like a miracle, since it was these cravings that torpedoed my past attempts to live alcohol free. When this treatment was combined with the counseling one finds through any rehab program, the program changed my life for the better. After decades of alcohol abuse, and after convincing myself that I was a "lost cause", I can honestly testify that this program changed my life for the better!