Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women Canaan Connecticut

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat is a Transitional Living Program for women in early recovery. Our peaceful and private home, a lovingly-restored farmhouse that sits on an 18-acre property, is the perfect setting to cultivate the growth initiated in inpatient treatment and build it into habitual self-care and long-term recovery. With accommodations for twelve residents, we are able to offer maximal attention and create the ideal treatment plan for each woman.

Living a substance free life involves many changes in a woman’s daily routine. Going directly home after inpatient treatment can be overwhelming and too often results in a relapse. Transitional Living offers a safe, supportive and structured environment for women to bravely face these enormous changes through therapy, community and compassion.

Our extended care women’s program offers a comprehensive approach to treating alcohol, substance use, and co-occuring disorders. Treatment includes 24/7 care from dedicated professionals, three daily groups, and weekly individual psychotherapy with one of our licensed therapists. As the personalized plans and regular schedule are integrated into each women’s life at Eden Hill, they serve as a blueprint for leading healthy, fulfilling, sober lives at home.


Located in western Connecticut in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Eden Hill is a sober living extended care program exclusively for women. Clients with co-occurring disorders are also treated. Length of stay varies depending upon each client, however a minimum commitment of 60 days is required. Detox services are not offered on-site.


Treatment at Eden Hill is 12-step based and devoted to providing clients with a life plan that will facilitate reintegration into their home community. Evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy are also utilized.

In addition to regular 12-step meeting attendance, treatment includes group therapy five times per week, which focuses on topics such as self-esteem, relationships, and client goals. In addition, women receive weekly one-on-one therapy which addresses issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Recreational and social activities are also an important part of the program, and Eden Hill offers daily opportunities for exercise, proper nutrition, and volunteer work.

Before residents leave Eden Hill, each client is asked to write her own personalized aftercare plan that she will implement upon her return home. This will include attendance of scheduled appointments and regular AA meeting attendance. Lastly, if she feels it would be helpful, a return to Eden Hill for a refresher relapse prevention weekend may be scheduled.

Families are encouraged to visit and participate in their loved one’s treatment, and they can stay in a bed and breakfast located right next door to the facility.


Eden Hill’s treatment team includes an M.D. and board-certified psychiatrist, as well as licensed marriage and family therapists, a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, and a licensed clinical social worker.


The facility houses 12 women at a time, in semi-private rooms. All clients eat family-style meals together, which they are encouraged to organize and prepare themselves in the facility’s “state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen.” Clients are given a membership to a local gym and may also participate in a weekly meditation class.


The sole alum to leave feedback with Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing had an extremely positive experience at Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women, awarding praise to the facility, the staff, the programming, the atmosphere, and the community. This former client felt that Eden Hill was like a “second home” and commented on her experience there as “a very necessary, nurturing, and healing time.” She lauded the effectiveness of the treatment she received, writing: “Some of the tools I left with we’re effective communication, the development and use of boundaries, healthy confrontation (or “care”from ration) and how to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.”

On Eden Hill’s Facebook page (which Eden Hill can manage), the facility received an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars based on seven reviews, six of which were perfect five-star ratings. All alumni commentary was positive: “Eden Hills saved my life. It gave me structure. Met fabulous people and the staff was loving and caring,” wrote Heidi in a representative review.[1]


As opposed to alumni feedback, the two loved ones surveyed by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave Eden Hills mostly negative feedback. C.J.K. reported that the facility used their debit card without authorization and wrote that staff was “not very responsive at returning phone calls and seeking amicable resolutions to unethical situations.”

J.G., the parent of a former client, found the facility to be very pricey and claimed it did not follow through with the treatment it promised for their daughter. “We were mislead,” the parent wrote. “My daughter went against one of their rules & she was dismissed after a week. We were promised supervision of a staff member anytime she would go out of the premises, because she was the youngest one there but that was never followed up.”


The one current staffer surveyed by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave Eden Hill a positive review, awarding it mostly five out of five stars across 15 different evaluated metrics, including the facility’s willingness to put its clients’ interests first, its client loyalty, its staff’s leadership and experience, and its overall quality of executive management and leadership.


According to Eden Hill’s website, the facility is self-pay only – insurance is not accepted.


Reviews about Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • This is a awesome place.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I want to express my gratitude for all that the entire Eden Hill team has done for our daughter and indeed our family. It has changed our daughter's life. They provided a wonderful caring "home" environment and ideal set of treatments and support services to allow her to heal and develop skills to face and manage the challenges of addiction. The team offered guidance, reassurance, resources, and most of all friendship during the most difficult of times. As anyone who has dealt with addiction knows, it can take a variety of different forms and individuals don't always respond to formulaic treatment. What is most unique about Eden Hill is that they get to know each woman starting from the warm and personal intake interview with Director and from there develop a program to address individual needs. The living environment is so supportive and so effective in teaching and reinforcing skills that allow a successful transition to the real world. Eden Hill offers a unique and effective combination - superb treatment + supportive environment + thoughtful transition - allowing each woman to succeed on her own terms. The staff at Eden Hill are a compassionate and helpful partner to families. We would simply not be where we are today without all the special people. Having them there took a weight off our shoulders; just knowing that our daughter was not alone facing these challenges provided relief and most importantly, hope. And as for outcomes…well, our daughter is living a happy, healthy, independent life thanks to her time at Eden Hill
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Phenomenal. Professional, personal, tailor-made individualistic programming. Very much a family atmosphere. Once you settle in, you will never want to leave. If I could live at Eden Hill, I would do it in a heartbeat. The term “staff” doesn’t adequately do justice to the Team of people who run and work at , Eden Hill in all capacities.They are personable, accommodating in anyway possible and loving. It is not possible to leave Eden Hill without feeling like your family has gained a few unofficial members. The accommodations are fabulous and newly renovated. Therapeutic communal living helped me to increase individual personal responsibility while at the same time learning to live with and compromise (perhaps for the first time) With my housemates. The clients form a bond that is therapeutic and supportive. We learn to hold each other accountable for their actions in recovery and other communal living issues in a kind and, if necessary, mediated way. Some of the tools I left with we’re effective communication, the development and use of boundaries, healthy confrontation (or “care”from ration) and how to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Most importantly I learned humility. I learned the world does not revolve around me and that to be successful in recovery and life, I need a support network which required working on my relationship skills. My circumstances did not allow me to participate in the family recovery events; however, I witnessed my peers and their families participate with what appeared to be excellent results. The Town-of Canaan is small, safe, charming, and has a large recovery network suitable for all ages. I have known many people that have gone through Mountainside treatment center in Canaan and then followed treatment at the extended care facility of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat in Canaan that have decided to remain in the area due to the Active and varied recovery community. Additionally, many of these individuals are still clean and sober and moving on with their lives. I myself am considering relocating to the Canaan area at some point in the near future for the above stated reasons. I cannot recommend this place more highly. Eden Hill is like a second home to me which I will forever remember as a very necessary, nurturing, and healing time. I have met some of the most wonderful, loving women in situations much the same as my own that I will forever treasure as sisters and friends On a journey you couldn’t possibly understand unless you’ve been on it too.
    Upon my daughters arrival at Eden Hill all looked great & hopeful. The staff was friendly & the home was beautiful & clean & seemed well organized. At a very pricey $5,000. a month, my daughter went against one of their rules & she was dismissed after a week. We were promised supervision of a staff member anytime she would go out of the premises, because she was the youngest one there but that was never followed up. We were mislead. We left numerous voice mails to discuss our concerns & we never had anyone get back to us. My advise is, make sure you're at least 3 months clean if you're considering entering this recovery home. They do not tolerate anyone going into this home if you have a weak moment. There is no protocol. They just kick you out to the curb. There is no other protocol. Before spending $5,000. make sure you will be able to be very strong to follow every one of their rules.
    Although I don't question the sincerity of their stated purpose, I do have issue with the fact that they store debit/credit card information, and use it without authorization. One of the staff members is not someone you should trust with any financial information. Furthermore she is not very responsive at returning phone calls and seeking amicable resolutions to unethical situations. Be careful if you deal with this facility.
    We are incredibly sorry for any mismanagement on our part of sensitive billing information. I want to assure you that we have adopted improved systems to store this information and the employee in question is no longer employed or affiliated with Eden Hill. We cannot apologize enough for this experience as we greatly appreciate the value of trust placed in us by residents' families. Please feel free to get in touch with us to give us more information about your experience. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us best serve the residents and their loved ones. Best, Megan Wyrick Executive Director
    Eden Hill is a residential extended care facility for women that offers daily group, individual and family and holistic therapy. We are a small 12 bed facility, with 24 hour supervision. On staff, we have an LCSW, LMFT, CAC, national interventionist, and all of our techs are certified recovery coaches. Our philosophy is 12 step based with an emphasis on total mind, body and spirit recovery. We transition our women through phases to slowly adjust back into society, without it being a total shock when they get home, like it often is after a 28 day inpatient program...