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Wellmore Behavioral Health - Women & Children's Program Waterbury Connecticut

Believing that mothers and children should stay together, Wellmore Behavioral Health provides culturally sensitive support and substance abuse treatment aimed at helping women gain the life skills they need to be healthy, happy, well and free of addiction. The program includes case management services, parenting classes and education on overcoming trauma and domestic violence.


Serving a 49-town region in Connecticut, Wellmore Behavioral Health offers a variety of mental health and addiction treatment services to adults, adolescents, and children. The Women & Children’s Program in Waterbury is one of the only 50 (22.3 percent) in the state that provides residential care to pregnant and postpartum women with young children. Detox services are not offered on-site.


This program is one of the just 129 (57.6 percent) in the state that offers gender-specific treatment to women only. Women’s & Children’s Program at Wellmore Behavioral Health provides three core services for its clients: addiction and mental health treatment, case management, and education. The minimum length of stay is three months.

Addiction and mental health treatment is offered mostly in the form of group and individual therapy. Clients can also take advantage of case management services, the facility’s second main offering. These include assessments of need, access to community resources, transportation to medical appointments, and making appropriate referrals.

The third provision relates to education. Adult clients receive education on parenting and domestic violence. The facility also offers on-site childcare, allowing mothers to fully concentrate on their recovery.


According to the facility’s official website, the staff of the Women & Children’s Program are specially trained in domestic violence and trauma issues. The organization, as a whole, employs nearly 300 individuals at its 12 sites, and its executive leadership includes a medical doctor, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a licensed clinical social worker. In the state of Connecticut, 97.2 percent of all substance abuse treatment centers have higher education requirements for staff.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. The single Best-rehabs.com survey respondent to date, a former employee, provided three out of five-star ratings for meals and nutrition, accommodations and amenities, and for the facility’s cleanliness.


Although Best-rehabs.com has yet to receive alumni feedback, secondary sources revealed mixed feedback. On Google, five individuals provided an average rating of 3.4 out of five stars.[2] While three individuals gave three perfect five-star ratings, the other two reviewers gave one-star ratings. “The wait is so long. So so so so so long,” alum Gabriela wrote.


The sole Best-rehabs.com survey respondent to date, an anonymous employee, gave lukewarm to negative feedback for the facility. The staffer felt “inexperience” was a weakness, and gave staff level of experience three stars and counseling options only two stars. Two-star ratings were also provided for holistic offerings, exercise options, and connectivity/visitor policies. When surveyed on whether or not this individual would recommend the program to others, they remained neutral.

Reviews elsewhere online are similarly scarce; though, employees have submitted feedback on Indeed.com, where the organization as a whole (i.e. not just the Women & Children’s Program) received an overall rating of 3.6 stars, based on 21 reviews.[1] Negative reviewers tended to note a lack of support from management, though positive reviewers appreciated their work environment. “Wellmore Behavioral Health includes diverse populations of clients and programs for opiate addiction/drug addiction as well as therapy and psychiatry for clients,” one five-star reviewer commented upon the facility as a whole.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its costs. The single individual polled by Best-rehabs.com to date awarded four stars for the facility’s affordability.

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