The Salvation Army Orlando’s Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Salvation Army Orlando’s Adult Rehabilitation Center


The Salvation Army is an international, faith-based charitable organization that has aided underserved populations for over 100 years. One of numerous facilities operated by the Salvation Army, the organization’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (A.R.C.) of Orlando, Fla. provides a long-term, residential treatment program for adult men struggling with chemical dependency. The facility does not provide on-site medical detoxification services.


Upon admission, clients may undergo an initial assessment and evaluation to ensure the A.R.C.’s program offers an appropriate level of treatment. According to the facility’s website, A.R.C.’s programming provides “spiritual, social, and emotional assistance” to prepare men “to re-enter society and return to gainful employment.” Most of Salvation Army A.R.C.s’ residential programs require a client commitment of six months.

To promote a healthy, substance-free lifestyle, A.R.C. adheres to a therapeutic community model of treatment, which offers a structured schedule of programming in a social, interactive, and peer-driven atmosphere. During residential treatment, clients regularly attend individual and group counseling sessions to address any social, mental, and spiritual causes that may contribute to their addiction.

To introduce clients to support networks before and after the residential program, A.R.C. immerses residents in 12-step participation. Clients regularly attend 12-step meetings, read fellowship literature, study the principles and practices of 12-Step, and perform associated “step-work.”

Along with counseling, clients attend education classes on substance abuse, relapse prevention, and improving coping skills. As a Christian-based program, A.R.C. emphasizes spiritual growth as an important aspect to recovery. Clients may attend worship services, devotionals, and Bible study classes. Residents also regularly participate in spiritual guidance workshops and leisure activities.

Typically, after a month of treatment, A.R.C. incorporates work-therapy into its programming. While continuing to participate in scheduled treatment sessions and activities, clients are assigned a full-time work schedule. Designed to introduce a real-life work environment, promote responsibility, and prepare clients for self-sufficiency, residents typically perform various duties at Salvation Army thrift shops.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website or otherwise regarding its treatment staff; however, the sole alum polled by at the time of this writing offered a three out of five-star rating for the treatment staff’s level of experience and training. The alum also indicated that many staff members had first-hand experience with the process of recovery.


According to the facility’s website, Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide residents with a “clean, wholesome environment” conducive to spiritual growth, life skill development, and recovery. The center houses residents in simple yet comfortable dorm-like living facilities. The facility features a game room with billiard tables, as well as an on-site chapel. The alum polled by awarded a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep.


The one alum polled by approved of some facility components but felt other areas of treatment could improve. Although the alum gave a five-star rating for the facility’s discharge planning, they also offered two-star ratings for the facility’s counseling options and the amount of family participation. “You must complete counseling and motivational classes! the alum wrote.


Secondary sources revealed one employee review for the Orlando facility. Awarding the facility a perfect five out of five-star rating, the employee wrote: “It was a very rewarding experience.”[1]


The Adult Rehabilitation Center of Orlando provides its treatment services to clients free of charge. Salvation Army’s treatment programs are supported by revenue gained through its thrift stores and private donations.


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