Liberty Co. Drug Court

Liberty Co. Drug Court


This facility is an outpatient clinic operated by Gateway Behavioral Health Services, a CARF-accredited public agency that provides community care for mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities through various facilities located in Georgia. It provides services to adults and adolescents on an outpatient basis from the quiet city of Hinesville, Ga., 45 miles southwest of Savannah. Medical detox is not available on-site.


The 12-Steps form the backbone of the substance abuse treatment program. Other treatment modalities for clients of all ages include individual, group, and family counseling; nursing care; psychiatric evaluations and care; and coordination with primary caregivers. For adults, there’s also a program that aids with housing assistance, supported employment, and job coaching.

New admissions are processed on a walk-in basis. This center also accepts court-ordered placements.


The medical team includes numerous psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, and the clinical team boasts licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, certified addiction counselors, and housing assistance and employment support workers.


This facility offers outpatient care from a modern, roadside building. Food and sleeping accommodations are not provided on-site.


There are few alumni reviews available for this facility, and those we do have are mixed. H.M. wrote in to to say: “It’s a really good program as long as you are serious about getting help… they hold you accountable for your actions and that really helps you stay away from negative people places and things.” And although this reviewer experienced some problems with favoritism at the center, they were impressed by the scheduling, unlike one anonymous Google reviewer who reported frustrations with administration and disorganization. They wrote: “The doctors don’t know how to read a clock, if they are there and the front desk is completely out of control. Their computers are always ‘down,’ and if you have an appointment scheduled for 8 am, expect to be there until at least 11.”


There are no reviews available from employees of this particular branch of Georgia Behavioral Health, but reviews of the organization as a whole indicate some difficulties. Two anonymous former employees have posted reviews on the employment review site Glassdoor, one of which lists complaints including an excessive focus on paperwork and poor orientation and support, which could lead to overburdened and under-trained staff.

The other anonymous review submitted to Glassdoor states even more bluntly: “The CEO and the board were corrupt.” However, it’s not clear whether or not any problems with management have filtered down to affect the quality of care.


Fees at this center are determined by the State of Georgia, according to a sliding scale payment system that takes into account income and the size of family the client must support. The organization also accepts most major health insurance policies. The organization’s aim is to provide accessible care to society’s most vulnerable populations.

Published August 2015

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It's a really good program as long as you are serious about getting help...they hold you accountable for your actions and that really helps you stay away from negative people places and things . They do a wonderful job at scheduling; however, there is some favoritism that occurs.