The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute

The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute


Located in Marietta, Ga., The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute provides outpatient services for clients seeking treatment for mental health and behavioral health conditions. The institute also provides community-based educational classes and workshops for other behavioral health professionals.


Treatment at The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute begins with psychological testing to determine each client’s needs. The majority of treatment revolves around individual, family, couple, and group therapy for a wide range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, personality disorders, trauma, and PTSD. Therapy sessions last between 45 and 50 minutes.

Treatment involves evidence-based treatment approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Clients participate in therapy sessions on a weekly basis including group sessions to promote individual and community-supported recovery practices.

Other experiential therapies are used, including hypnotherapy, play therapy, exposure therapy, and smoking cessation therapy according to the needs of each client. Overall, 47.3% of U.S. facilities provide services to help clients stop smoking.

In addition, holistic therapies are available. These include life coaching, career counseling, and nutritional counseling. Career counseling is only offered in 39% of U.S. treatment facilities.

In addition to treatment services, The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute coordinates services for the community to help clients learn more about mental health. These workshops are often hosted by key speakers in the field and focus on one of many mental health concerns common to the community.


The treatment team at The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute consists of licensed counselors and psychologists.


At the time of this writing, the one alum polled by praised the facility, offering perfect five-star ratings for the facility’s cleanliness, its counseling options, and whether they felt that their treatment was worth the cost. The alum gave four stars for the center’s holistic offerings and family participation.

On Facebook, which the facility can manage, the facility earned 4.5 out of five stars from 11 reviewers to date.[1] Alumni provided positive feedback about the workshops and praised the facility’s staff members.

On Google reviews, the facility received perfect five-star ratings from all eight reviewers to date.[2] Alumni frequently praised the atmosphere and the staff. One alum wrote about the “relaxing environment”, while the other wrote about the “Amazing therapists” that “give practical tools you can use day to day.”


Treatment costs between $50 and $175 (45-50 minutes), depending upon the therapist the appointment is scheduled with. The facility accepts self-pay options including cash, checks, and credit cards for payment. Clients can also use Flexible Spending Accounts as well. The single alum polled to date on The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute’s affordability gave its cost five stars.


The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute routinely holds workshops regarding a wide number of mental health topics. These include self-enrichment workshops to help clients and community members learn new ways of addressing the stressful components of their lives.

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  • They had lots of people there working to help you get better. They don't allow you to see family a lot. It was very helpful. They had lots of activities to get your mind off things and people were very friendly to me and ready to help.