The Extension – Men’s Campus

The Extension – Men’s Campus


For more than a quarter-century, the organization now known as The Extension in Marietta, Ga., is one of the 86 private non-profit facilities in Georgia that provided residential and sober living treatment and support for adults seeking treatment for substance abuse, homelessness, and co-occurring disorders. The Men’s Campus, known as The Extension, offers long-term residential treatment, as well as vocational support. Detox services are not available.


Clients begin the admissions process to the men’s residential program with an on-site interview. They must be medically stable before receiving treatment at The Extension. Staff members provide referrals for individuals the facility is not able to accommodate.

The rehab program lasts 9-12 weeks. The first three weeks focus on learning about The Extension and developing an individualized treatment plan, which incorporates at least one weekly individual counseling session. All treatment plans utilize a 12-step curriculum developed in-house, similarly to the other 47.7% of facilities across the country that use the 12-Steps as a basis for treatment.

These plans also include specialized educational and therapy sessions addressing conflict resolution, family relationships, and life skills development. Residents are also assisted in obtaining employment.

Reconciliation with family members is cited as a key rehab outcome on the facility’s website. Specialized counseling services are available for clients’ family members as a way of facilitating healing. Family members can also participate in educational activities to learn more about addiction and how to help clients through their recovery.

Medication management is available for dual diagnosis treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, but medication-assisted therapies such as methadone maintenance are not.

Clients who have completed a full treatment plan are then eligible for additional transitional living and support for up to two years from their start at The Extension. Many graduates also remain involved by mentoring current residents and participating in an ongoing alumni group.

While the facility has a high completion rate, nearly 75% of clients stay in treatment for two months. The facility is able to sustain their extended treatment while finding appropriate housing options.


The men’s program director at The Extension is a certified addiction counselor and Navy veteran. Additional treatment staff members have studied psychology and human services, and at least one listed on the facility’s website specializes in trauma-informed care. The facility is licensed by the State of Georgia Department of Public Health.


The Extension’s 47-bed men’s facility is one of 108 facilities in Georgia of a similar size, and it is open to clients ages 25 and older. Meals are provided and include dinner served by volunteers at the rehab center and lunches packed for residents to take to off-site jobs. Work hours are scheduled during the day as the building has an evening curfew of 6 p.m. Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas.


Although has yet to receive feedback from facility alumni, secondary sources revealed positive opinions. On Google, The Extension received an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars from 20 reviews.[1] Nearly all of these reviewers shared a common appreciation for the program’s positive outcomes. A few characterized their experience of rehab as life-changing.

Likewise, all but two of 48 reviews on the facility’s official Facebook page, which staff members can monitor, included perfect five out of five star ratings.[2] Alumni enjoyed the effectiveness of the program and the staff who are “miracle workers.” Several also noted the spiritual benefits of the recovery program and the value of its community, a quality emphasized on the facility’s website.


At the time of this writing, the sole loved one polled by about The Extension expressed strong satisfaction with the program. The loved one gave five out of five stars for the experience level of the staff, its faith-based focus, and 12-step program. They gave three out of five stars for the exercise and leisure opportunities.

The respondent identified just one area of weakness: holistic treatment offerings. Although they noted the need for further funding, the loved one also rated the affordability of The Extension four out of five stars.


After the first month in rehab, residents are expected to contribute a portion of their income from full-time work. The non-profit agency also receives funding from government and private grants and donations. Clients who have access to health insurance are referred to other treatment programs.

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