Intermountain Hospital

Intermountain Hospital


Established in 1980, Intermountain Hospital is a psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital situated on a 10-acre campus in central Boise, Idaho. The facility provides medical detox, residential programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and outpatient treatment for adolescents, adults, and teens seeking treatment for substance abuse. On-site detox is available and aftercare planning services are offered post-treatment.


Treatment at Intermountain Hospital commences with an assessment conducted by a psychiatrist to create an individualized treatment plan. Clients are admitted to the appropriate level of care based on this assessment. Assessments can also be used for referrals to specific programs and treatment facilities.

Treatment includes medically managed detox, counseling, and community-based recovery activities. The facility employs specialized treatment tracks to accommodate different age groups. Group counseling, individual counseling, recreational treatment options, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), daily 12-step meetings, psychoeducational classes, relapse prevention, and mental health support and education are utilized as part of the treatment modalities.

The CAST (Clean and Sober Teens) program provides 21- to 28-day residential treatment for adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The program focuses on developing sober living skills and addressing other conditions that support a sober lifestyle.

Specialized programs are available for senior adults and adolescents, teaching clients to manage and address special conditions such as chronic pain and emotional issues. Family involvement is encouraged throughout treatment, with family counseling services provided.

Aftercare planning services assist clients in transitioning to life after treatment. Intermountain Hospital offers step-down programs from more structured treatments, allowing clients to work with counselors to develop a system of guidelines and support structures to maintain a sober lifestyle.


The treatment staff at Intermountain Hospital comprises numerous psychiatrists, registered nurses, social workers, and master-level therapists. Based on the feedback from 13 individuals, the staff’s level of training and experience received an average rating of 4.08 out of five stars.


Information regarding Intermountain Hospital’s accommodations is limited. The New Start Center offers semi-private rooms for up to 30 residents and provides access to an exercise room. Based on the feedback from 24 individuals, the center’s accommodations and amenities received an average rating of three out of five stars.


At the time of this writing, conducted a poll of 13 alumni regarding their experiences with Intermountain Hospital. Four alumni had positive experiences, six had negative experiences, and one was ambivalent. The feedback often expressed general but heartfelt praise. One reviewer, A.J.F., wrote, “Thank you for giving me my life back.” Another anonymous reviewer mentioned good staff members and numerous activities.

However, two reviewers explicitly stated that they felt worse after their stay at the hospital. One alum, L., mentioned dissatisfaction with the adult unit’s treatment of their medical problems but had a more positive experience in the seniors’ unit. Randall expressed concerns about disorganization in medication distribution, while Jennifer felt she was treated like a criminal and had minimal time with doctors. Among the four alumni who rated different metrics, the staff’s level of experience and training received the highest ratings at 4.5 out of five stars, while the center’s holistic offerings received the lowest ratings at three stars.

On Google, the facility has received an average rating of two out of five stars based on 70 reviews to date. Many alumni complained about their treatment by staff members, with some mentioning being forced to undress. Alum Ashley wrote, “They treat you like a sex slave by making you take off all your clothes so they can do skin checks every three days.” Alum Margo mentioned having their belongings taken away and having to wear paper scrubs for over 24 hours.


At the time of this writing, received 16 reviews from friends and family of individuals who received treatment at Intermountain Hospital. Eight reviews were positive, five were negative, and three were mixed or neutral. Nine individuals who were polled rated the facility’s offerings in various areas, providing average ratings between three and four out of five stars for the family program, counseling options, and holistic offerings.

Several reviewers praised the staff, commenting on their efficiency and the clean and well-run facility. Some isolated praise was also given to the outpatient aftercare provisions and the range of activities provided by the center.

However, numerous reviewers disagreed with the positive feedback on aftercare. One reviewer mentioned the lack of follow-up treatment after discharge, while others highlighted a lack of individual care and a perception that the center prioritized profit over the clients’ well-being. One reviewer, P.A.L., specifically mentioned a lack of communication from the case manager and attending physician.


Intermountain Hospital accepts most insurance plans and Medicare covers treatment for seniors. Thirteen individuals who were polled rated the facility’s affordability and gave it an average rating of 3.38 out of five stars.


Intermountain Hospital Reviews

I was here in 8th grade for trying to kill myself and I want to say the people there were amazing and you can ope the tv lock with your nail btw. The food was the BEST i have had and if you say different talk to me and joe in the parking lot. I had a great time but can be dull sometimes but don't mess with grandma man. Also please if you need go there
Treatment EffectivenessHaving a family member in this facility was extremely frustrating. Conflicting information was constantly being either given out or withheld and it felt like the staff was not at all concerned about helping the family members with their generic questions - and/or concerns. I understand about privacy laws, but there just seemed to be a different response with every person that each one of us talked with and many times it was exact opposite information. Very frustrating at such a hard time in our family's life.
Staff was very helpful. Med nurse was also very great helping me. Thank you for giving me, my life back.
round the clock care lack of commitment to prolonged well being I would not recommend .
Good counsellors available. Very clean. Lots of activities. Too expensive. Most doctors are not accessible. No follow up treatment after discharge. Medications are prescribed without follow up to see if they're working or if they are affordable.