New Chance, Inc.

New Chance, Inc.


New Chance Inc. in Dodge City, Kan., provides residential treatment, outpatient services, and halfway housing for those dealing with substance abuse. Non-medical social detoxification is offered on-site. A specific outpatient track is available for adolescents.


Treatment plans are individualized. New Chance describes its treatment as “educational.” Residential treatment is offered on the short- and long-term. Length of treatment is determined through continual assessments. Clients will participate in one-on-one and group counseling services.

Families are encouraged to participate. Adolescent treatment counseling is provided following parental consent.

Though medical detoxification is not available, social detoxification services are provided 24/7 under staff supervision. The halfway house requires clients to be at the residence 24 hours per day, following primary treatment.

The facility also handles court-ordered alcohol and drug evaluations. An eight-hour, one day alcohol and drug information school is offered in English and Spanish.


No information regarding treatment staff is available on New Chance’s website, though it notes the non-medical social detoxification unit is staffed 24/7. The one alum polled to date gave five out of five stars to staff’s level of training and experience.


No details regarding residential amenities are available on New Chance’s website though the single alum polled by to date gave accommodations four out of five stars.


One alum responding to a poll gave New Chance four-stars for treatment effectiveness and five-stars for accommodations and meals. The alum, Kort, thanked the facility for saving their life. “Thank you for the tough love way of teaching me how to like myself enough to stay sober,” they wrote. “It may not be the ritz, but a fantastic experience for a person wanting to get sober.”

On Google, four respondents gave the facility a perfect five-star review. Michael wrote: “Best place to get help from addiction.” [1] The only reviewer on rated the center as five out of five stars and commented: “I thank the awesome people at new chance for all the help.they dont only have knowledge but most of them have been there and understand what we are going through.” [2]

WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY has not yet received any reviews from loved ones at this time of writing. On Google, Bobby gave a five-star review and wrote: “Great place and friendly staff really helped a great friend of mine.”


New Chance does not provide financial information on its website. According to CiteHealth, the center accepts private insurance plans and Medicaid. [3]



Reviews about New Chance, Inc.

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  • I have my life to thank new chance for. thank you for the tough love way of teaching me how to like myself enough to stay sober. if ever you need someone to speak about sobriety I would do it. not because I am comfortable in front of people... because i'm not, but because I owe the facility and I owe the still suffering alcoholic / addict.