Osawatomie State Hospital

Osawatomie State Hospital


Located in the community of Osawatomie, Kan. 50 miles south of Kansas City, Osawatomie State Hospital is a free-standing, state-run psychiatric hospital that provides short-term inpatient treatment for adults struggling with a primary psychiatric disorder, as well as patients who struggle with co-occurring disorders. The facility provides crisis intervention, stabilization services, and short-term inpatient care.


Osawatomie State Hospital accepts admissions in collaboration with 12 Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs). Through a collaborative screening process, these centers refer individuals to the hospital. To diagnose the condition, patients may undergo an initial psychiatric evaluations and behavioral assessment. During this time, clinicians form an initial discharge date to help clinicians and the patient begin setting goals.

According to the facility’s website, Osawatomie State Hospital primary goal is to stabilize the patient. To stabilize the individual, the facility utilizes a combination of pharmacological intervention and therapeutic programming. Patients adhere to a highly structured schedule of group counseling sessions, educational classes, coping skills training, music and art therapy, and therapeutic recreation. Patients with a dual diagnosis may also be introduced to the principles and practices of community-based support networks, such as 12-Step, as well as attend relapse prevention groups.

During inpatient treatment, patients may learn how to manage medications, understand their condition, recognize their symptoms, and improve social skills. According to the facility’s website, family involvement is an important aspect of its overall programming. This includes communicating with the family during treatment and creating a comprehensive discharge plan upon release.

According to the facility’s website, Osawatomie State Hospital strives to adhere to the discharge date initially set and admits that the length of inpatient care may not be sufficient to address all aspects of the patient’s condition. As such, the short-term treatment facility emphasizes discharge planning as a crucial aspect of treatment. Before discharge, clinicians refer clients to community-based resources to facilitate an appropriate continuum of care.


Osawatomie State Hospital employs a team of psychiatrists, chemical dependency counselors, nurses, psychologists, activity specialists, and social workers.


Although information is limited concerning the facility’s sleeping arrangements and amenities, patients have 24-hour access to nursing care. The two loved ones polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing both gave moderate three out of five-star ratings for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep.


Although Rehabs,com has yet to receive alumni opinions to date, secondary sources revealed overall negative opinions of the facility. On Google reviews, eight individuals gave the facility an average rating of 2.4 out of five stars. [1] “Rather not share how bad experience but was not pleasant,” one representative reviewer wrote.


The two loved ones polled by Best-rehabs.com had more polarizing opinions of the facility. While one reviewer felt the facility was understaffed, they described staff members as friendly, helpful, and supportive. The loved one offered four-star ratings for the amount of family participation during treatment and the staff’s level of training and experience. The other loved one disagreed, giving a two-star rating concerning the staff, as well as for the level of family participation. “Typical government ‘one size fits all’ operation,” the loved one wrote.


Secondary sources also revealed mixed opinions among staff members. On Indeed, 28 individuals gave the facility an average rating of 2.9 out of five stars [2]. While some cited the dedication of coworkers as a facility strength, others were critical of management. “The staff are fine, but the management needs better management training,” one representative reviewer wrote .


As a state-funded facility, Osawatomie State Hospital does not charge its patients for treatment services. However, according to secondary sources, the hospital recently lost its Medicare certification in 2016 and now “faces an uncertain future.”

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Reviews about Osawatomie State Hospital

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Strengths:provided for indigent populations Weakness:government operated. typical government "one size fits all" operation.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Strengths:Swift Treatment Friendly Helpful Supportive Weakness: More Staff.