Behavioral Medicine and Addictive Disorders, Inc.

Behavioral Medicine and Addictive Disorders, Inc.


Headquartered in Monroe, La., with an additional clinic in Shreveport, Behavioral Medicine and Addictive Disorders, Inc. (BMAD) offers outpatient treatment and education to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. The clinic specializes in re-integration programming for clients involved in the criminal justice system, placing it among the 26.8 percent of Louisiana’s 157 treatment facilities to offer these services. Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, with particular attention to trauma, is also available.


Assessment services at Behavioral Medicine and Addictive Disorders are often aligned with clients’ legal obligations, including those related to DWI/DUI arrests. Treatment at BMAD is based in the psychology of self-abuse, supporting clients in identifying and addressing underlying motivations for addictive behavior as well as training in anger management. The facility approaches substance misuse and addiction as psychological disease, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Individuals transitioning out of the prison or jail systems are eligible to participate in a BMAD intensive outpatient program (IOP) that follows the Matrix Model. This long-term, positive-reinforcement incorporates evidence-based therapy with drug screenings and an introduction to self-help resources. The IOP meets nine hours per week and clients are encouraged to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or another 12-step meeting at least once a week. Less frequent outpatient counseling is also available as needed.

The facility’s non-clinical programming includes GED and employment preparation services, pastoral and spiritual support, and support for families. Working with a Drug Court, BMAD facilitates a six-month psychoeducational program and additional DWI/DUI services.


The treatment team at Behavioral Medicine and Addictive Disorders includes about half a dozen master’s-level therapists and additional bachelor’s-educated mental health specialists.

WHAT FRIENDS & FAMILY SAY has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni, nor is feedback on other secondary websites available at the time of this writing. The one individual polled to date by, a loved one, indicated moderate satisfaction with the program. The reviewer rated treatment effectiveness and opportunities for family participation four out of five stars. They reported that the facility needed “more services,” which was reflected also in a three-star rating for counseling options.


On Indeed, three BMAD employees reviewed the facility. Two expressed frustration with overly-demanding work expectations, but also enjoyment in working with clients and fellow treatment staff.[1]


Access to treatment at BMAD is prioritized for clients with financial needs and is partially supported by state government funds, according to the facility’s website and audit reports.


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