Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana

Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana


Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana, LLC provides a range of psychiatric services for adults, adolescents, and children struggling with mental health difficulties. The regional treatment provider’s location in Shreveport, La. is one of seven facilities of the organization’s statewide network. While Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana provides its services on an outpatient basis, the organization does offer 24-hour crisis assistance, which may include a referral to a residential facility for stabilization.


Before receiving treatment, clients participate in an initial psychiatric evaluation to help clinicians identify specific mental health concerns and/or behavioral issues. According to the facility’s website, the goal of psychiatric treatment is to give clients the “opportunity to obtain the skills, support and empowerment that are necessary to improve the ability to function at an optimum level within their community.”

The Shreveport facility provides a range of psychiatric services on an outpatient basis. Although treatment approaches may differ, depending on the needs of each client, the organization’s general treatment approach consists of pharmacological intervention, counseling sessions, and psychoeducation classes. Along with ongoing medication management to alleviate diagnosable symptoms, clients may participate in individual, family, and group counseling sessions designed to address a range of topics, such as irrational thinking patterns, anger management, emotional regulation, and coping skills.

The Shreveport facility also holds educational sessions on behavioral modification, psychosocial training, and skill building. Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana also offers parenting workshops. To treat children struggling with mental, emotional, or behavioral concerns, the organization provides in-school observation services and in-home treatment sessions. According to the facility’s website, the organization adheres to a strength-based, family-oriented approach to provide loved ones with the tools and education necessary to provide adequate support within the home.


Rehabilitation Services of Louisiana, LLC employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of licensed child psychiatrists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, and mental health specialists.


The sole staff member, and only individual, polled by at the time of this writing generally approved of most areas of the treatment provider. Out of five stars, the employee gave perfect five-star ratings for the level of family participation, the facility’s counseling options, and its discharge planning. They gave a three-star rating for the treatment staff’s level of experience and training, reporting that many clinicians were “fresh-out-of-college.”

In addition, the survey respondent felt that the quality of client care suffered from a high employee turnover rate. “Large worker turn over rate puts strain on the clients,” they wrote. The staff member also felt the organization was ill-equipped to treat certain disorders. “It can also be beneficial for long term or short term problems, however it is not equipped to deal with clients with diagnoses which may have them be lower functioning or unresponsive.”


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs, however, the staff member polled by gave a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s affordability.

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Intake is well managed. The type of treatment is outpatient and the workers try hard to work with the clients' schedule. Large worker turn over rate puts strain on the clients. We work with children and I know this was particularly difficult for them. They cover a wide range of diagnoses, social issues, and behavioral problems. It can also be beneficial for long term or short term problems, however it is not equipped to deal with clients with diagnoses which may have them be lower functioning or unresponsive. Because of the nature of the job and the availability of it open to fresh-out-of-college Bachelor levels, it has a large turn-over rate. The facility needs to create a smoother transition from worker to worker to best aid in client wellness and therapeutic benefits.