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O’Brien House


O’Brien House, located in Baton Rouge, La. is a substance abuse treatment center for adults. Founded in 1971, the center is named after Paul S. “Pat” O’Brien, who spent 53 years of his life helping alcoholics and educating individuals about the disease of alcoholism. The facility offers one of the only 50 (31.8 percent) residential programs in the state, as well as outpatient options, prevention programs, and adult education.

Additionally, a specialized veterans program is available at this center, one of just 26 (16.6 percent) in Louisiana. The vision of the center to continually expand and help meet the needs of the growing population of Baton Rouge in order to, “save lives and families from alcoholism and drug abuse.”


The facility’s residential program typically lasts three months. The program follows the 12-step model of recovery in conjunction with individual and group therapy. There is a life skills program that includes career counseling and job placement assistance.

O’Brien’s program is divided in three phases designed to gradually strengthen each client’s recovery program for sustainable sobriety. The first phase typically lasts two to three weeks and requires daily 12-step meetings. Clients also participate in daily therapeutic groups, are assigned house duties and chores, and complete literacy training and/or job readiness skills that have been assigned.

Phase two usually lasts six to eight weeks and requires clients to obtain a sponsor, attend five 12-step meetings per week, complete steps four through seven, and continue with assigned chores and skills work. Clients are also required to find and maintain full-time employment at this stage, as well as work with their primary counselor to develop a comprehensive money management and budget plan.

The third and final phase is designed to prepare clients to transition back into the community. In this phase, clients complete steps eight through 12, continue to attend regular 12-step meetings, as well as develop a budget, housing plan, and comprehensive discharge plan.

Outpatient options includes a month-long intensive outpatient program (IOP) that meets three times per week for three-hour sessions each. The less intensive outpatient program lasts for nine weeks and meets once per week for four hours.

Veterans services include two confidential weekly groups that are held by a licensed clinician to discuss issues specific to veterans. Case management is available to assist with referrals to community resources and services, and creative workshops help veterans explore different ways of expression.

The treatment team includes licensed clinical social workers, certified addiction counselors, a medical director, and a registered dietitian. In Louisiana, 98.2 percent of all substance abuse treatment centers have continuing education requirements for staff. The two individuals polled by Best-rehabs.com to date provided a three- and four-star rating out of five for the staff’s level of experience and training.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, two loved ones surveyed by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave three stars and four stars for the cleanliness of the facility.


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com had yet to receive feedback from facility alumni, secondary sources revealed highly positive feedback. On Google reviews, the center has an average rating of 4.3 out of five stars based on six total reviews to date.[1] Alum J.P., who awarded five stars, wrote: “Wonderful place taught me how to get back in life.” C.P., another alum, supported that viewpoint, adding: “An excellent program doing invaluable work.”

On the facility’s Facebook page, which the center can manage, there is an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars based on 10 total reviews to date.[2] Alumni provided positive written commentary, such as T.A., who gave five stars and wrote: “The O’Brien House is an amazing place its Helpful. It Works for Sober Living .Thanks All Staff and O’Brien House it self.” M.A., another five-star reviewer, summarized, “Saving Lives.”


At the time of this writing, the two loved ones polled by Best-rehabs.com gave the facility positive reviews. One of these individuals gave four-star ratings to holistic offerings and counseling options, as well as a five-star rating for the level of family participation, listing “Communication” as a facility strength. This loved one strongly agreed that the facility was equipped to treat co-occurring disorders and that the programming was worth the cost, adding, “Provides help for a variety of issues and accommodate all financial situation.”

The second loved one provided four-star ratings for holistic offerings and leisure activities. While citing “12 steps, open meetings” as facility strengths, this individual did not agree with the other loved one, listing “Training in dual diagnosis” as a facility weakness.


According to its CiteHealth page, O’Brien House accepts Access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers, and a sliding fee scale or payment assistance may be available. Both individuals polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave five out of five stars for the center’s affordability.



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12 steps, open meetings My experience was good, open meetings helped because old timers would come to share, living in a drug/ alcohol free environment helped also.
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  • Communication and convenience Time management was poor. Provides help for a variety of issues and accommodate all financial situationd