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Located in Springfield, Louisiana, Springfield Wellness Center is a licensed mental health clinic offering traditional and nutritionally based treatment for a variety of addictions, post-traumatic stress, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Its founder, Paula Norris, and her husband and colleague Dr. Richard Mestayer, are the developers of the BR+ (proprietary NAD) protocols for addiction, post traumatic stress, and other mental health treatments and, since 2002, have administered NAD to more than 700 patients with extremely promising results.


Located in Springfield, La. in a wooded clearing with a nearby pond, Springfield Wellness Center is a licensed mental health clinic, the first and longest operating outpatient (OP) clinic to offer nutritionally assisted detox (NAD) with brain restoration plus treatment (BR+). The clinic’s website proposes that replenishing supplies of neurotransmitters in clients’ brains will help them withdraw from substance abuse.

The injected products are completely nutrient-based. The website describes them as “compounds a healthy body makes naturally.”

The conditions the facility treats include chemical dependency and dual diagnosis, as well as chronic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety, chronic pain, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


At Springfield Wellness Center, a client first receives an assessment of their medical history and current status to determine the initial protocol. Average detox treatment is 10 days, though additional time may be required depending on the client’s history or present circumstances.

The primary method of detoxification is BR+NAD Brain Restoration Plus Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Springfield’s website emphasizes that these treatments don’t substitute for recovery but rather restore clients’ brains to optimal functioning so they may better engage in the recovery process. The website also states its intravenous process works better than oral supplements that may be found in pharmacies.

Along with BR+NAD, Springfield offers Auricular Acupuncture, which is like acupuncture except the clinic uses low-level laser lights instead of needles and focuses on pressure points behind the ears. The clinic also offers individual and family counseling and Guided Imagery, a treatment that focuses and directs clients’ imagination to help them relax.


Springfield Wellness Center has a medical doctor on staff, and the website states that counseling is available. Best-rehabs.com reviewers called the staff “kind and nonjudgmental” and “amazing.”


The sole alum polled by Best-rehabs.com to date praised Springfield Wellness Center’s staff and atmosphere but felt its BR+NAD treatment did not live up to expectation. T.L.S. wrote: “Product helps as vitamins do, but does not help with cravings or withdrawal at all.” This former client summed up the experience as follows: “Nice place with a lot of hope, but in reality…it’s a waste of money.”

To date, 13 Facebook reviewers (alumni and others) rated Springfield Wellness Center an average five out of five stars, although it should be noted that the organization can curate its Facebook page and not all reviewers rated the facility on its substance abuse detox treatment. [1] Many reviewers praised the staff. Sarah wrote: “Saved my life. Period. Love love love y’a!!!!”

On Google, two reviewers both awarded the facility a perfect five stars. [2] These two clients went to Springfield Wellness Center for back pain rather than for substance abuse detox treatment.


A loved one polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing rated Springfield positively, giving the facility the top five-star recommendation and also awarding five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, holistic offerings, staff support, and leadership.

This reviewer praised the clinic for helping their daughter withdraw from drug usage and pointed out that the staff helped them find a place to stay during treatment. This parent told Best-rehabs.com: “cutting edge medicine. nad infusions took away all cravings assisted with withdrawl.daughter is like she was before sheever did drugs” and added: “this is a miracle, no doubt about it.”


Payment is $1,350 per day, with an initial $175 assessment fee. The clinic accepts some private insurance but not Medicare or Medicaid.

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Reviews about Springfield Wellness Center

Wonderful atmosphere. Amazing staff. But product does not cute the addiction. About the same as taking vitamins and thinking you're cured. Product helps as vitamins do, but does not help with cravings or withdrawal at all. Nice place with a lot of hope, but in reality...it's a waste of money.
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  • cutting edge medicine. nad infusions took away all cravings assisted with withdrawl.daughter is like she was before sheever did drugs. the doctor is amazing . the staff is kind and nonjudgmental. it is outpatient though so you have to stay in a hotel or golf resort near by and drive to the center. we came from out of state and the staff helped us set everything up . this is a miracle, no doubt about it.