Serenity House

Serenity House


Located in Portland, Maine, the Serenity House provides inpatient treatment to men struggling with addiction. The center does not offer detox on-site, but does provide treatment for dual diagnosis.

According to the center’s website, the mission of the Serenity House “is to provide the best and most accessible residential treatment in the state of Maine for men with chemical addiction.”


According to the Serenity House’s website, the center offers treatment for a number of issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis issues, co-dependency, and relationship issues.

Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized, and is created by healthcare professionals and the patient. Treatment goals at Serenity House are achieved through a combination of different practices.

Treatment plans usually consist of individual counseling, family counseling, didactic lectures and education groups, life skills planning, dual diagnosis referral, and different therapies.

The therapies at the Serenity House include individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention therapy, and organized recreation therapy.

Residents at the Serenity House are encouraged to work on their health in a well-rounded way. The health director meets with each new patient for a health assessment. Patients are encouraged to quit smoking, and can get a club membership to the YMCA, which is in walking distance of the Serenity House.

The center also employs a full-time chef who can cater to different dietary needs.


According to the center’s website, the treatment team includes alcohol and drug counselors, and counseling aides.


Pictures on the Serenity House’s website indicate the center is a brick house with a yard.


The sole alum polled by at the time of this writing had a positive experience with Serenity House. J.J. gave the center five out of five stars when asked if he would recommend the center.

He also gave the center top marks for cleanliness, affordability, and the staff’s level of training and experience. He wrote: “It works if your willing to be honest with yourself and your open to take suggestions it’s that simple.”

When it came to available counseling options, the level of family participation in treatment, and holistic treatment offerings, however, J.J. indicated that these were not areas of focus for treatment at Serenity House, offering two- and one-star ratings for these categories.


To date, the single loved one to respond to gave the center positive reviews as well. This respondent, the sibling of a former client, gave four and five stars for treatment effectiveness, accommodations, family participation, administration, counseling options, and overall experience. She reported to, “i recommend it.”

WHAT STAFF SAY had yet to receive feedback from staff members at the time of this writing. However, two former employees left mixed reviews of Serenity House on[1] One staff member gave the center five out of five stars, and wrote: “Co-Workers very friendly Relaxed work environment…Enjoyed working with residents and their families.”

The other alum only gave the center one star, and wrote: “Disorganized administration. Lack of clarity on program procedures. Lack of cooperation from supporting departments. High staff turn over.”


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs.


Serenity House Reviews

While Serenity House as a treatment center saves lives and is very exceptional in what it does, their Serenity House Legacy Sober Living has gone drastically downhill. Appliances remain broken for over a year. Air conditioner/heater units in the residential rooms are non-functional and have remained broken for years. I have lived there three years and so far two staff members have gotten into relationships with clients and had to leave. Furniture is in disrepair. Clients have very few rights and few recourses to address any issues. Management only seems to care about getting paid. Serenity House as a treatment facility is EXCELLENT, while its Legacy House sober living is NOT
Unfortunately due to a Family emergency I was not able to stay for residential treatment but the 4 days in detox was a very good one! For a state funded place I was really impressed! The staff was very respectful, the place had a peaceful atmosphere, the food was good (salad bar ever day). Plenty of snacks, if you needed to make a phone call it was never a problem and freedom.i would definitely recommend this treatment center... P.S. I'm still sober Praise God!
They helped me do for myself what I could not do alone.
Oct. 2016 will be 2 years since I went to serenity house.what an amazing place. The staff are wonderful.I truly appreciate everything you all have done for me.
Having just left Serenity after 34 days, wanted to make a few observations on the other comments posted. If you are using insurance or are paying for your treatment, the women's housing is a block away. The staff watches you all the way when you are walking. This house, " the Lodge"" has a few more amenities and space than the campus dormitory. The majority of the clients here are state funded and stay in the main dorm. Also