Treetop Women’s Recovery House

Treetop Women's Recovery House Oakland Maine

Treetop Women’s Recovery House is an intimate environment in which women struggling with addiction can receive comprehensive, holistic treatments in a peaceful, residential setting that prioritizes compassionate care. Spirituality and self-examination are emphasized as fundamental tools for fostering personal growth and lasting recovery. Meditation, yoga, 12-Step work, prayer, and contemplation are just a few of the tools utilized to guide clients into attaining self-awareness and achieving their recovery goals.


Located in the small, rural town of Oakland, Maine, Treetop Women’s Recovery House provides holistic, long-term residential treatment and extended care for women. Residents must have undergone detox and a month-long period of stable abstinence before admittance (28 days of inpatient treatment is recommended). Treetop believes that treatment cannot be rushed; duration of stay ranges from three to 12 months.


The center’s treatment approach utilizes the Matrix of Connectedness Model and ecopsychology, which, according to the facility’s website, is consistent with feminist relational philosophy and ideal for treating trauma and addiction

The Matrix of Connectedness Model addresses six elements of connectedness: physical, interpersonal, communal, psychological, ecological, and spiritual. In order to become more connected with themselves, the environment, and their community, clients engage in chores such as gardening, carrying wood, shoveling snow, and mowing lawns. 

Residents are also required to spend 20 hours a week at a job or volunteer placement, or in school. In the evenings and on weekends, women participate in a variety of holistic activities including yoga, meditation, Native American drumming, and outdoor eco-spiritual exercises.


The director of the facility is a master’s level Buddhist priest and teacher who is also a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. The assistant director holds a degree in holistic health.


The center’s living arrangements emphasize connection and community. Women share chores and the responsibility of maintaining the facility and grounds. Few details regarding accommodations are available, but the center’s website features a photo of a small log cabin located on a wooded lot.


At the time of this writing, has only received one alumni review. This reviewer, K.I., gave Treetop an overall rating of one out of five stars. “I would love to say that treetop was a wonderful and healing experience, but it was theasy opposite. Save yourself the trouble and money and avoid treetop at all costs,” she wrote.


There is limited information available regarding this facility’s costs. Treetop does note, however, that women are expected to contribute a portion of their earnings from external employment to cover the cost of the program.

Updated August 2016

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  • I would love to say that treetop was a wonderful and healing experience, but it was theasy opposite. Save yourself the trouble and money and avoid treetop at all costs. You willook not find the peace you are looking for here.