NFI North- Maine Adult Services

NFI North- Maine Adult Services


North American Family Institute (NFI) North- Maine Adult Services, located in Bangor, Maine, offers residential, outpatient, and home-based services for adults struggling with mental health challenges. NFI provides several services throughout their non-profit agency including programming, consultation, and individualized support services to children, youth, families, adults, and seniors. NFI North was established in 1992 to serve residents of New Hampshire and Maine; the organization also has locations in Massachusetts. The mission of NFI is to inspire and empower their clients to achieve their full potential and live successfully in their own homes and communities.


The facility offers two types of services: Community-based Case Management Services and Residential Programs.

Case Management Services are intended for adults with intellectual disabilities who live at home with an adult relative. These services are fully reimbursed by Maine Care. The program staff are experienced and trained to advocate for the clients they serve and obtain appropriate services to improve their clients’ quality of life, to empower clients to be involved in their care plan, and to support the families of clients as they contribute to the client’s Person Centered Plan.

The facility runs two residential programs: Miller Terraces and Finson Road. Miller Terraces is a 10-bed facility which opened in 1997. This residence works with adults and elderly clients who have had several unsuccessful placements in other community residences and have resulted in repeated hospitalizations. Miller Terraces provides an intense level of support to clients while keeping them in a less restrictive environment than the hospital. Residents are encouraged to actively participate in their treatment plan through rehabilitative, clinical, educational, and social interventions.

The Finson Road residence houses up to eight aging adults with persistent mental illness and in need of assisted living for safety and supervision. The program focuses on allowing clients to live together in a shared space and exist as a normal community together. The pillars of the community include: Fellowship, Respect, Individualized, Enhanced, Nurturance, Dignity, and Support (FRIENDS). Clients participate in monthly group outings in the community along with weekly community meetings, a house group, a social group, and regular attendance in other community programming.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its treatment staff or their credentials. However, the facility’s website describes a curriculum of training and leadership development programs that staff participate in as an employee at the organization.


There is currently no detailed information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. One individual polled by at the time of this writing gave the facility three out of five stars for accommodations and amenities.


At the time of this writing there has been one individual polled by The anonymous respondent provided a brief survey of responses but was overall positive regarding the facility. The anonymous individual gave the facility three out of five stars for accommodations & amenities and four stars for meals & nutrition. The respondent also gave three stars across the board for facility cleanliness, staff support, and the fairness of the facility’s visitor policy. The individual also went on to give four stars for flexibility to switch counselors, three stars for counselor respect for patient’s treatment preferences, and three stars for counselor training/experience. The individual did not provide any additional commentary.

On the facility’s Google page, there is one review of the Community Case Management services.[1] The reviewer, B.G., gave two out of five stars and expressed dissatisfaction with the care he received. There are no other third party reviews available for NFI North at the time of this writing.


The cost of treatment at the facility is not published but, NFI’s website indicates that case management services are covered by MaineCare. It is not clear if there is any cost to the client for other services.


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