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Addiction Treatment Services Traverse City Michigan

ATS is dedicated to supporting individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency issues. The drug and alcohol treatment center does not view addiction as an illness, but rather recognizes the strength, courage, and will of each person to overcome their addiction and grow as a result. Residential treatment and sober living can be challenging, but ATS is committed to demonstrating to its clients that the benefits outweigh the obstacles.


Located in Traverse City, Mich., Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) offers a range of programs for men and women facing substance abuse. The treatment center provides medical detox, gender-specific residential services, outpatient, and drug testing services. Additionally, ATS operates four sober living homes for men and one for women, all located in Traverse City.


According to the facility’s website, Addiction Treatment Services does not focus on addiction as an illness, but instead takes a holistic approach to empower clients to lead fulfilling lives. All levels of treatment provided are trauma-informed and evidence-based.

The duration of treatment varies based on individual needs, but residents typically stay at the facility for 28 days. The programming includes a combination of individual counseling, group therapy, skill-building groups, and experiential activities. The rehab’s proximity to shopping, coffee shops, and churches is intended to support community reintegration as part of the recovery process.

The outpatient program offers individual, group, and family counseling, as well as groups on anger management, co-occurring disorders, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), and relapse prevention.

Gambling addiction counseling is available as an outpatient option, and clients can live in one of ATS’ gender-specific sober residences if additional support is needed.


The center’s website notes that the treatment team consists of doctors, therapists, nurses, care coordinators, a nurse practitioner, and social workers.


The facility’s website indicates that Phoenix Hall, the women’s residence, can accommodate up to 12 women and is within walking distance to Grand Traverse Bay. Dakoske House, the men’s facility, has 28 beds. Most rooms can accommodate two people. Both residences are suburban homes on tree-lined streets, with large front porches.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has yet to receive any reviews from former clients of this facility. However, the 20 people who left reviews on the treatment center’s Facebook page, which the center has the ability to manage, provided an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars.[1]

“ATS has helped me embrace the courage, strength, and fortitude to LIVE, face, and love life 7 times more than I ever would have imagined! I’ll never, ever quit fighting for myself, my loved ones, and others’ right to have those privileges,” wrote an alum in a representative review.

Only two people left one-star reviews, however, they did not provide any commentary.


The two loved ones polled by at the time of this writing provided positive feedback. When asked if they would recommend the treatment center, they both gave four and five out of five stars.

They also gave four stars for the staff’s level of training and experience. One loved one wrote, “They were very great. They helped my sister get clean and stay clean.” The other loved one wrote, “They helped my brother get clean and showed him there is a better way to live.” However, they noted that the center does not provide much help with aftercare.


The six staff members surveyed by at the time of this writing provided mixed reviews. Half of the staff members expressed concerns about this facility, citing shame-based, coercive, and outdated treatment methods.

Two counseling staff members gave a one-star rating for the leadership’s willingness to prioritize clients’ interests and indicated concerns about the standard of care. “Bootcamp mentality. Very discouraging,” wrote B.H., but also added, “Very loyal and caring support staff.” Pamela wrote: “Prison-like atmosphere.”

However, two additional treatment team members surveyed by gave five stars for the experience of addiction, mental health, and medical staff at this facility. They also gave four and five stars for the overall quality of care. “ATS is an excellent treatment facility regardless of the level of care needed. They utilize evidence-based practices, and management is very active and knowledgeable in all areas of client care,” wrote K.B.


In January 2016, Addiction Treatment Services was selected out of a thousand nominees to receive the Champions of Excellence Award from the National Council of Behavioral Health.

According to the center’s website, ATS works with multiple health insurances, Medicaid, and Priority Health Insurance.

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Addiction Treatment Services Reviews

Great, not many weaknesses
The have good group programs. They really don't help you transition back to normal when you get out. They helped my brother get clean and show him there is a better way to live.
They do a really good job supporting their patients and helping them get clean. They could do a little better at checking up on people who have left the program. Overall, they were very great and helped my sister get clean and stay clean.
I work in detox, not residential, so my experience is limited. However, I know they enact forward thinking. A downfall is that the facility consists of old houses.
A strength of the facility our caring for people-- our "Slogan," if you will is "HOPE HAPPENS HERE." However, there is not enough space... so many helpless people and we are trying so diligently to accommodate more people. It's an EXCEPTIONAL place for the clients AND the employees.