Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center


Set on 10 acres of land in Albion, Mich., the Narconon Freedom Center (NFC) offers residential substance abuse treatment for adults. Clients in need of a medical detox process must complete detox before entering treatment at NFC, though non-medical detox services are offered on-site.


Narconon is not a 12-step program and does not adhere to the addiction-as-a-diseased model of treatment. The center’s website notes the treatment center uses the “evidence-based, drug-free approach to rehabilitation developed by author L. Ron Hubbard.”

Ridding the body of harmful toxins is one of the key elements of the program. Each client is assigned a personal “Withdrawal Specialist” to help them with nutrition and supplements to ease through the discomfort of detox. Drugs of any kind are not allowed during treatment.

Clients engage in what the facility calls “New Life Detoxification,” which combines a carefully monitored regimen of hydration and nutrition with exercise and dry-heat sauna sweat sessions.

After the detox process, the treatment center’s staff strives to identify and address the underlying causes of addiction. By addressing the underlying causes, the treatment team attempts to remove them from each client’s life to prevent future addiction behavior.

This approach focuses on freeing “those enslaved by drugs and alcohol to build new lives filled with purpose and productivity.” Treatment time varies depending on each individual, but typically lasts 12 weeks.

Next, clients participate in what Narconon calls “objectives,” which are exercises designed to bring the client’s attention from the past into the present. Being in “present time” is crucial to successful substance abuse recovery, according to Narconon’s methodology. Other treatment activities include life skills courses and instructional videos.

Aftercare protocols include periodic follow-ups with support staff to reinforce sober living skills learned in the treatment program.


Narconon facilities are largely operated by individuals experienced in the Narconon treatment modality. Many staff members are former clients. The one former client surveyed by at the time of this writing gave the staff’s level of training and experience five out of five stars, while the sole loved one polled awarded five stars for the level of staff support.


Images on the facility’s website indicated a tranquil setting, and the facility notes that their “clean, comfortable guest rooms provide the rest that is an essential part of the program.” The two individuals polled to date gave four- and five-star ratings for the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep.


Rebecca, the one alum polled by at the time of this writing, gave NFC a positive review. She gave the facility five out of five stars for its holistic offerings, visitor policy, and the likelihood she’s recommend the facility. “I was happy the treatment plan was extremely personalized and that the underlying issues of my addiction were finally being discussed and solved,” she wrote. However, she gave three stars for its faith-based focus, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and its counseling options.

On Google, Narconon Freedom Center received an average of 4.3 out of five stars from 39 reviews.[1] Except for handful of reviewers who were critical of the facility’s affiliation with Scientology, most of the feedback was positive. Many of the alumni found the program highly effective and the staff very supportive.

On Yelp, the facility had five perfect five out of five stars to date.[2] As one alum R.R. wrote, it’s a good “alternative to 12 Step.”


The sole loved one polled about the Narconon Freedom Center by at the time of this writing also offered positive feedback. They gave the facility five out of five stars for counseling options and its level of family involvement. The loved one gave only three out of five stars for its leisure opportunities and pricing. “Overall a good program,” the loved one wrote.


On Indeed, Narconon Freedom Center earned 2.4 out of five stars from 14 reviewers to date.[3] Overall, the feedback from staff members was much more critical than the feedback from alumni. Current and former employees described a “Harsh work environment” with “micromanaging” management.


Narconon Freedom Center accepts most insurance providers, including UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana.


Several lawsuits have been leveled against Narconon alleging that it is a Scientology-run program. The suites claims that clients were introduced to the teachings of the Church of Scientology without a prior disclosure of the affiliation. Narconon facilities have also been sued for wrongful death and fraud in the past.

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Narconon Freedom Center Reviews

Awesome place! Best place to feel at home when recovering while getting the best help.
Our only daughter had struggled through high school with self-esteem issues and developing good relationships... We overlooked the obvious until we realized she was in deep peril. We sought help many places when finally another parent suggested the Freedom Center. We liked the holistic approach, the natural cleansing of her mind and body... She finally agreed to go. We hadn't been able to relax and enjoy life, we were always worrying about her safety and welfare. But now we could. It took time and encouragement for her to finish the program. She is now 16 months clean. She is now confident in herself, looking forward to life and success and has the skills to live a good happy life. We are advocates for the process and the Freedom Center. We have our daughter back.
I really enjoyed the later books of the program. They are very specific and gave me ways to specifically change my life.