Mission Teens, Inc. – Mission Bible Training Center

Mission Teens, Inc. – Mission Bible Training Center


Mission Teens, Inc., founded in New Jersey in 1969, operates 18 facilities designed to support adult men and women who are struggling with addiction. This rural, Upper Peninsula Michigan facility, known as the Mission Bible Training Center, offers a long-term residential program based in Christian faith-based studies. Among the Mission Teens programs across the U.S. are several in the South, the Midwest, West Coast, and one in Norma, N.J.. A second UP Michigan facility opened in the summer of 2018 called The Lion’s Den, according to local news coverage.


To pursue admission to a Mission Teens program, including Mission Bible Training Center in Michigan, individuals should call or email the location of their choice for an initial interview. According to the Mission Teens website, potential clients are expected to “seek God.” Residents are also required to undergo blood tests before beginning a stay of at least eight months, though residents may stay up to 20 or more months.

According to the Mission Teens website, the residential program is highly structured, emphasizing responsibility along with physical and spiritual recovery. Daily schedules include more than five hours of Bible study, along with peer-led counseling and various chores.

As residents progress through the program, they receive increasing privileges, including visits from family members. The Gaastra, Mich., facility hosts nightly prayer and music services open to the public. Upon completion of the main four-phase Bible study program, some residents remain for additional staff training.


A majority of staff at Mission Teens facilities, such as Mission Bible Training Center, are graduates of the program and work on a volunteer or “missionary” basis.


Photos of Mission Bible Training Center posted by Mission Teens staff on Facebook and on a separate MBTC website feature a secluded, woodsy campus with dormitories and a chapel. Buildings are set among gardens and expansive lawns.


Best-rehabs.com has not yet received any feedback from alumni for this facility. However, at the time of this writing, feedback for the Mission Teens Mission Bible Training Center on secondary review sites was universally positive. Three individuals awarded maximum five-star ratings on Google for the Michigan location, without specific comments.[1] On Yelp, one alum expressed gratitude for the center’s staff and peers, calling it “the best experience and change of my life.”[2]

Of 10 reviews for MBTC on Facebook, nine included five-star ratings and one had four stars. Alumni consistently recommended the facility based on their success in sobriety and faith. One reviewer (referencing a separate facility in Iowa), wrote in a representative comment: “Saved my life. Both physically and spiritually.”[3]


Loved ones concurred with alumni’s positive reviews for Mission Bible Training Center. The one individual polled by Best-rehabs.com awarded five out of five stars for more than a dozen metrics measured. These included treatment effectiveness, meals and nutrition, cleanliness and upkeep of the facility, and quality of counseling. She cited the faith-based approach, long-term program, treatment success, and no-cost care as facility strengths. The one parent reviewer on Facebook echoed her sentiment, reporting that the center saved his daughter’s life.


There is no charge to residents for the Mission Bible Training Center program.

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Mission Teens, Inc. – Mission Bible Training Center Reviews

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  • It was a faith based, free, 8 month any addiction rehabilitation center!! They gave me my son back and would do anything for anyone.