Progress Valley – Men’s Program

Progress Valley – Men’s Program


Located in Uptown, a popular commercial district in southwestern Minneapolis, Minn., Progress Valley Men’s Program offers outpatient and residential care for men struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. The average stay in residential care is 90 days.


Individualized to each client, treatment is 12-step based and includes regular 12-step meetings, one-on-one counseling, group therapy, family counseling, case management, educational lectures, and community referrals for additional support after treatment. Clients are also connected with a senior peer for additional support.

A variety of treatment groups throughout treatment is hosted at Progress Valley. There is a weekly relationship group, which helps clients develop healthy communication and a strong support system, as well as a men-specific recovery group. The latter addresses issues specific to men, including cultural stereotypes about men and how to express emotions.

Progress Valley’s co-occurring disorders program is based on a curriculum developed by Dartmouth Medical School with Hazelden. The program teaches clients ways in which they can manage their recovery and prevent relapse. Medication management is also available to address psychiatric symptoms.

After a couple weeks in treatment, clients are expected to obtain and maintain employment, volunteer in the community, or attend school for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Following residential treatment, clients may transfer into the outpatient-based relapse prevention group, or move into sober living homes**.


The treatment team, some of whom work 24/7, includes licensed alcohol and drug counselors, nurses, master’s-level mental health therapists, a cook, chemical dependency technicians, and a continuing care counselor.


The facility features 20 modest, dorm-style beds, and clients eat chef-prepared meals together in a dining hall. The communal meals are mandatory. For clients with jobs, a prepared brown bag lunch is provided. Cell phone use is allowed, but only during specific times of day. Clients must obey a curfew and participate in regular cleaning tasks to maintain their living environment.


The two alumni polled by to date provided mixed feedback of the Men’s Program. Alum Robert spoke highly of the staff and rated the facility four out of five stars in cleanliness and its visitor policy. Yet he also rated Progress Valley only one star for its holistic treatment offerings and exercise options.

The other anonymous reviewer noted that the lodging is “pretty cramped,” before adding: “This is a great place to stay sober and continue treatment, especially if you are tyring to go back into the work force.” They rated the program’s affordability highest at a perfect five stars, followed by family participation and cleanliness at four stars. However, they rated its counseling, exercise, and leisure options only one star.

On CiteHealth to date, one anonymous alum rated Progress Valley a perfect five stars.[1] They praised the staff for teaching them important recovery tools, writing: “The tools that were taught to me during my stay help me everyday, not just with my sobriety but with everything I deal with on a day to day bases.”


The one loved one to date rated the Men’s Program a perfect five stars in treatment effectiveness, family participation, and the staff’s level of experience and training. “I think it was a great place run by people who strongly believe in the cause. It was a godsend for my bro who needed to change his life and did,” the loved one wrote.


Progress Valley accepts private insurance, State Medicaid insurance, and Rule 25 state funding. Financial assistance is also available to clients who qualify, when it is available. Additionally, Progress Valley accepts private payments.


Reviews about Progress Valley – Men’s Program

  • Treatment Effectiveness
Connecting with my brother on a very personal level. He didn't believe that treatment would be effective for him. It seems as though they could have used better funding. I think it was a great place run by people who strongly believe in the cause. It was a godsend for my bro who needed to change his life and did.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Location in the city Small groups lodging is pretty cramped This is a great place to stay sober and continue treatment, especially if you are tyring to go back into the work force
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • I was fortunite enough to be assigned a excellent councilor who took the time and put forth the effort for me to get on the right path.