Tubman’s Chrysalis Center

Tubman’s Chrysalis Center


Named for the groundbreaking campaigner and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, nonprofit Tubman operates three facilities in Minneapolis and nearby Maplewood, which support adults, youth, and families struggling with domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual exploitation, addiction, and other traumatic experiences. Across the organization’s facilities, services include safe shelters, counseling, legal services, education, and campaigning. The Chrysalis Center, located fives miles south of downtown Minneapolis, offers outpatient counseling for mental and behavioral health disorders including problematic substance use.


The Chrysalis Center provides chemical health and mental health assessments, but not psychological testing. Assessment services available at this facility include Rule 25 evaluations, to officially establish whether a person is eligible to receive public funding for chemical dependency treatment.

A dedicated program for individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders offers treatment in the daytime or the evening — and, notably, is only available to individuals eligible for Rule 25 treatment. The program includes individual and group counseling, case management, and medication evaluations and management.

Across all programs, treatment is traditional, featuring individual therapy and group counseling on topics such as trauma skills, trauma processing, and women’s depression, plus parenting groups and a mixed-issues therapy group for women. In fact, most groups are open to women only; only the trauma skills group is open to men, who participate in a gender-separate group setting. The center can also provide psychiatric medication management services, and dedicated dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) courses for individuals seeking to assume control of their emotional lives and manage their reactions to difficult situations.


Staff includes licensed clinical social workers, licensed addiction counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, and master’s level counselors. The single alum polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave the facility five out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience.


“They saved my life and i owe them everything for that,” alum T.S. told Best-rehabs.com, indicating that they would strongly recommend treatment at the Chrysalis Center. They gave the facility four or five stars in almost all of the 15 evaluated treatment metrics; five-star ratings were awarded to the center’s treatment effectiveness and ability to treat co-occurring disorders.

Secondary sites yielded unanimously positive coverage of the Chrysalis Center at the time of this writing: the facility had a single five-star rating on Facebook and seven five-star ratings on Google.[1] [2] The reviewers repeatedly described the staff as caring and helpful, and praised the center’s services. “Staff has consistently been helpful and pleasant… I have been pleased with the respect and non-judgmental attitude with a general overall caring staff,” B.L. wrote in a representative review on Google.


Tubman accepts health insurance, and also offers some services under Minnesota’s Rule 25 public funding provisions. The single alum polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave the facility five out of five stars for its affordability.

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Reviews about Tubman’s Chrysalis Center

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Only the beginning of a long road�Trying very had to develope their program...Brand new, 30yrs ago...
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Co-occuring disorders program, financial help, adaptability w/clients. A lot of people.They saved my life and i owe them everything for that.