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Renovation House

Renovation House


Since 1983, Renovation House, part of an organization called Youth Challenges, has been providing faith-based substance abuse rehabilitation for adult men, including some from the criminal justice system. Through two locations, including one in Perth Amboy, N.J. across from Staten Island, Renovation House offers long-term residential treatment for up to 32 men. The facility is not equipped to treat those with co-occurring disorders, and does not allow psychiatric medications. Detox not provided on-site, but is required prior to admission.


Treatment at Renovation House is designed to address emotional, physical, spiritual issues that contribute to substance abuse behaviors. The primary influence for the program is Biblical-based treatments. Psychiatric medications and other evidence-based treatments are not used in the treatment process.

The program is heavily focused on faith-based practices. Clients participate in up to six hours a day of spiritual devotion, bible study, and group prayer. Each morning begins with a chapel service. Treatment also includes educational speakers and discussion groups. GED and college classes are also available to clients.

The program is broken up into two stages. The first nine months consist of residential living in the facility while clients participate in therapy. Clients participate in weekly individual counseling sessions to address key problem behaviors and to establish more productive thinking.

For the last three months, clients can move into transitional housing. Clients focus on life skills, including coping skills, time management, and conflict resolution. Clients also participate in vocational therapy and training. During this time, clients are encouraged to connect with community-based religious and sober living services.


The team at Renovation House consists of qualified and experienced ministers with experience working with clients in rehabilitation facilities. Graduates of the program are also involved in the treatment and facilities management aspects of the program.


There is currently no information provided by Renovation House regarding its living arrangements. However, one reviewer rated accommodations three out of five stars. According to the facility’s website, residents can play in a softball league and attend social events.


At the time of this writing, has not received any feedback from alumni of Renovation House.

On Google, Renovation House has five out of five stars from eight reviews. [1] Most of the alumni praised the faith-based focus. In a representative review, alum Raul wrote: “This ministry is doing a great work for Jesus, as He calls and saves those who are in need of Him.”

On Facebook, which the facility can manage, there are two five out of five star reviews. [2] Alum Barry wrote, “Wonderful place, truely wonderful people. Very fertile ground for growth.”


At the time of this writing, the single review from a family member is mixed.

While the anonymous loved one gave four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness and staff support, but two out of five stars for exercise and leisure offerings and one star for family involvement. The loved one confirmed the Christian basis of the program: “This is a faith-based program (Christian) and assumes that the Lord is the healer.”


The cost of treatment at Renovation House is not currently listed on the website, but it does state that all clients will be accepted regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, financial assistance may be available to those that qualify. The program is also supported by donations and fundraisers.


Reviews about Renovation House

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This is a faith-based program (Christian) and assumes that the Lord is the healer.