Coleman Professional Services

Coleman Professional Services


Coleman Professional Services is a not-for-profit behavioral health provider with locations in nine separate counties in Ohio, including locations at Kent and Canton. This listing is for the Mahoning County location in Youngstown, about 50 miles east of Akron. Adult residential and outpatient services for mental health and addiction disorders are available here. Detox services are not offered on-site, placing it among the 74 (96.6 percent) of residential facilities and among the 320 (90.6 percent) of outpatient facilities in Ohio to not offer detox.


Coleman’s residential program, located in the facility’s Crisis Residential Unit, is designed to offer short-term care as an alternative to hospitalization. Clients in this unit receive intensive treatment, including group and individual therapy, in a supportive atmosphere. The program is designed to stabilize clients as quickly as possible and move them to a lower level of care.

The facility offers several outpatient counseling options, all designed to meet the needs of each client. The most common services are one-on-one therapy and group therapy sessions, both of which are designed to identify the root of the problem and develop a plan for recovery.

For clients needing long-term assistance, Coleman offers an Individual Community Support program, which provides case management services. The program is designed to educate and motivate clients while linking them to available social services.

The facility also has a Group Community Support Program for clients looking for additional structure. This program includes daily activities, therapeutic interventions, and education all designed to help clients practice coping skills and increase their involvement in community support.


The treatment team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurses, along with counselors, social workers, case managers, and administrators.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however one alum surveyed by at the time of this writing gave the facility just two out of five stars for its accommodations and amenities.


At the time of this writing there has been one alum polled by M.L.C., who’s between 40-59 years old, entered rehab for alcoholism following a family intervention. The alum selected this facility based on a personal choice, commenting that there was no charge for treatment and that there was a bed readily available. M.L.C. stayed for 61-90 days but did not complete the treatment before leaving due to medical reasons. M.L.C.. has been out of the facility for 6-12 months at the time of this writing, and indicated that she has maintained sobriety since leaving.

M.L.C. gave the facility two out of five stars for accommodations & amenities as well as for meals & nutrition. Otherwise, the alum gave mostly negative ratings and feedback on many metrics polled. She gave three stars for the facility’s cleanliness as well as the training and experience of the staff but only two stars for staff support and counselor availability, flexibility, and respect for clients at the facility. M.L.C. gave an overall rating of three stars for treatment effectiveness. In her written commentary, she added, “The counselor allowed 1 or 2 individuals to rule over the meetings and the house and was very biased, believing the lies fed to her.”


Two loved ones have given facility feedback to to date, one giving lukewarm responses and the other giving mostly positive responses. The first anonymous loved one gave the facility three out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, three stars for accommodations & amenities, and two stars for meals & nutrition. The second anonymous loved one gave the facility four out of five stars for all of the same metrics.

Both loved ones agreed that the facility’s cell phone and visitation policy was fair and that the admissions and discharge procedures were swift, organized, and clearly explained. The first respondent indicated that family and loved ones were not able to participate in treatment through facility programming, the facility was not adequately equipped or staffed to treat co-occurring mental health problems, and the facility staff were not experienced or well-trained. The second loved one, however, gave very opposite feedback indicating that all of those offerings were provided by the facility. The second loved one also felt that the treatment plan was affordable and the treatment and services offered at the facility were worth the cost.

The first respondent felt that a strength of the facility was the classes offered while a weakness was the employees. The second loved one wrote that a strength of the facility was that they offered opportunity for the clients to grow. She did not identify any weaknesses and strongly agreed that she would recommend this facility to another friend or loved one who was considering rehab; the first respondent indicated she would not recommend the facility.

WHAT STAFF SAY has yet to receive employee feedback to date. On Glassdoor, Coleman Professional Services as a whole (rather than the Mahoning County location in particular) has an average rating of 2.9 stars from 17 reviewers.[1] Praise for coworkers and the staff level of care was common, with one former staff member commenting, “dedicated people.” Feelings about the management were mixed. Coleman Professional Services received even higher ratings on Indeed, with a 3.8-star average from 35 respondents.[2] A former mental health LPN wrote, “This company strives for mental health awareness in the surrounding community.”


The facility’s website does not publish fees for the services offered. However, one alum polled by indicated that her treatment at the facility was free of cost, but did not indicate exactly how the treatment was paid. According to HealthGrove, the facility accepts private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. A sliding fee scale may apply.


Reviews about Coleman Professional Services

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Nice people. Food Helped. me.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • the ability to help others. It was a kind and caring place.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Counciling.They Try Their Best.