Netcare Access

Netcare Access


Netcare Access in Columbus, Ohio, provides crisis stabilization and assessment services for individuals faced with mental health and substance abuse disorders in Franklin County. Founded in 1972, the nonprofit organization operates from four facilities in Columbus, including its main site on Central Avenue.

In addition to its 27-bed crisis stabilization unit (CSU) at Central, Netcare offers legal and forensic services, in-home mental health and addiction assessments for older adults, a respite program, trauma response services, and referrals to other needed services.


Netcare Access emphasizes individualized care and treatment. Clients receive compassion, prompt service, effective treatment, and respect for their dignity, according to the program’s philosophy as articulated on its website.

Treatment begins with an assessment to determine the level of care needed. Some clients are referred to a crisis center, like the separate Netcare-affiliated ones for adults and youth. Designed as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization, the 27-bed CSU offers those experiencing crisis’ stays up to seven days. They then transition to continued treatment which involves individual and group counseling, physical and psychiatric assessment, education, and medication management.


The Netcare Access staff includes master’s level social workers, registered nurses, addiction and mental health clinicians, and forensic medical professionals. A Google location summary of the Central Avenue facility shows seven M.D.s on-site.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding the living arrangements of its 27-bed CSU, nor regarding other Netcare treatment settings. However, two survey responses indicated that the facility is well-maintained and clean.


Alumni reviews were generally positive or neutral, particularly regarding treatment and employees. One survey respondent provided a three-star rating for the effectiveness of the program, but only two starts when asked how likely they’d recommend the program to friends or family.

While staff experience and affordability received higher ratings, counseling and holistic treatment options were noted weaknesses. “The people were kind and meant well,” a second alum wrote anonymously. “The step down program did not offer a lot of support or guidance. I think there needs to be some kind of support for when you get out-it was pretty much non-existent.”

To date, 12 Google reviews shared an average rating of 3.6 stars out of five, one of whom called the staff there “very nice.” “This place saved my life,” wrote C.G., a former user of heroin.[1]


The one family member polled by indicated that they’d recommend Netcare but also highlighted a few facility weaknesses. They felt that staff “need to listen to the parents” even when the client is a young adult. Nevertheless, this parent rated most metrics measuring staff quality four stars.


10 former and current employees noted various strengths and weakness on Indeed, averaging an overall rating of 3.3 out of five stars. Many reported low salaries, safety concerns, and a “Very intense” and busy work environment. Giving some balance to these were positive reviews of supportive co-workers and the opportunity to do meaningful work.[2]


According to its website, Netcare Access receives government funding and maintains that no client will be denied services due to an inability to pay.


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Even thou a child is 22yrs old, more facilies need to listen to the parents, we truly know our children the now a days is smarter then the staff, and they will say and do anything to get out..
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  • The people were kind and meant well. The step down program did not offer a lot of support or guidance. I think there needs to be some kind of support for when you get out-it was pretty much non-existent.