Foundations Recovery Center

Foundations Recovery Center


Operated by Marion Area Counseling Center in north-central Ohio, Foundations Recovery Center (FRC) began in 1973 as a men’s halfway house and now functions as a full-service mental health agency. In addition to a residential rehabilitation center for individuals struggling with chemical dependency, the nonprofit community organization provides outpatient treatment, crisis intervention, gender-specific sober living housing, and medication-assisted treatment programs. The center also offers a victim assistance program.


According to the Foundations Recovery Center website, clients are typically referred for treatment by physicians, social service agencies, employers, or courts. Admission begins with a phone call, followed by a one-hour, on-site assessment to determine the best treatment plan for each client.

FRC approaches addiction as a disease, prioritizing structure, education, training, and counseling in its programming. Clients participate in group and individual therapy sessions, are introduced to self-help meetings, and receive support for developing life skills and employment preparation.

The facility’s official Facebook page indicates that medication assisted therapy is available.


Treatment team members at Foundations Recovery Center include psychiatrists and licensed professional counselors. The center also works with graduate and bachelor’s level students in counseling and social work internships.


The rehab center has a 15-bed capacity and spaces for staff offices, individual and group therapy rooms, and an intensive outpatient program meeting area. Facebook photographs show a simply furnished residence with shared bedrooms and a large, open kitchen.

Feedback from the sole former client of Foundations Recovery Center polled by to date was mixed. Notably, the alum rated the staff’s level of training and experience just two out of five stars, reporting that there were “not enough educated counselors.”

Asked to rate his likelihood to recommend FRC to others, A.L. selected three stars. He represented the facility as clean and well maintained, meals as high quality, and treatment as 12-step based, effective, and affordable, awarding each metric measured four stars. On the other hand, his survey responses suggested that the program’s structure had little flexibility, reflected in two-star ratings for counseling options and holistic therapy offerings.

Two individuals submitted high ratings of four and five stars for FRC on Facebook. One reported ongoing benefits of their treatment, writing that the center provided “tools to help me to become a well rounded member of the community. I went on to achieve a masters degree.”[1] Additional postings indicated that 12-step meetings are held on-site.


Concurring with the alum respondent, the one loved one polled by also rated the program’s affordability, treatment effectiveness, and meals highly. They identified the inclusion of 12-step practices as a strength and the co-ed nature of accommodations as a weakness. A two-star rating for holistic treatment options also mirrored the alum’s perspective. By contrast, staff experience and family participation each received four stars.


One former staff member expressed multiple concerns with the rehab center in a review. She characterized the facility’s leadership as too focused on funding, but emphasized her commitment to serving clients and awarded four stars for staff training and experience. Ultimately, she would not recommend the facility, identifying weaknesses in the medication-assisted therapy program and most other aspects of treatment and accommodations evaluated.


Foundations Recovery Center is supported by funds from Marion County, grants, and donations, and services are available to all county residents. According to an October 2014 Marion Star newspaper article celebrating the organization’s 40th anniversary, Medicaid and most private insurance plans are accepted for payment.


Reviews about Foundations Recovery Center

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Twelve step programs was a strength. It's a co -Ed facility
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • It was there when i needed it but not enough educated counselors, It is a no nicotine caffeine drug or alcohol facility.. which i think is to much for a person to quit at one time..
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Too many control freaks at the admin level. Too worried about the state funding to worry about what any client might actually need help with. They do not care about the clients