House of Hope, Inc.

House of Hope, Inc.


Located in Columbus, Ohio, House of Hope specializes in providing alcohol and drug addiction treatment through its 20-bed residential program for men, intensive outpatient (IOP) and issue-specific groups for men and women, and sober living residences.

All male applicants must be a resident of Franklin County to qualify for the residential program.


House of Hope is a strong advocate of the 12-step program. Following its belief that this model helps prevent relapse and rebuild moral and spiritual decay, the program requires that men attain a 12-step fellowship and seek out the guidance of a sponsor. The residential program also makes use of individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), health and wellness education, and employment support services.

There are several admission criteria for men seeking residential care. They must be must be at least 18 years of age, be a resident of Franklin County, Ohio, complete an initial assessment interview prior to admission, be abstinent from all mood-altering substances for at least 72 hours prior to admission, have participated in prior treatment (not including detox), and be familiar with 12 step programs or have attended alcohol or drug treatment elsewhere. They must also be able to enter and leave buildings independently, have no convictions of arson, and not be a registered sex offender.

Men must commit to a minimum of 6 months and those who successfully complete the program may qualify for continued assistance through a “Recovery Residence.” Successful graduates are those who maintain sobriety, secure stable employment and safe housing, and develop a sober support network.

There are four separate weekly outpatient groups offered at House of Hope. These include an intensive outpatient group for both men and women, a women’s-only group, an opiate recovery group, and an “Awareness Group” that provides early intervention for high-risk individuals.


House of Hope primarily employs a team of counselors, as well as clinical, administrative, and clerical staff. According to its website, House of Hope partners with Columbus Health department in providing nursing care and education regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Friends of the Homeless in providing medical care, and other community services to meet a client’s mental health needs.


The residential program for men can accommodate up to 20 men at a time. While the center provides few additional details on its living arrangements and related offerings, it does offer unique opportunities in gardening, healthy cooking, exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques, therapeutic massage, anger and stress resolution, and the expressive arts.

House of Hope also emphasizes problem solving and taking initiative through excursions in ropes courses and regularly scheduled camping trips.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni.

On its Facebook page, however, where staff can manage reviews, House of Hope has an impressive 41 five-star reviews and only two four-star reviews. “The house of Hope saved my life,” former client Jason wrote in a representative statement. “I found myself in that place, and a piece of my spirit will ALWAYS be there!!!”[1]


Feedback provided by the single survey respondent to date, an anonymous parent of a former client, was mostly positive. They gave House of Hope four-star ratings for its treatment effectiveness, accommodations, meals, family programming, cleanliness, program affordability, and staff’s level of training and experience.

When asked about the center’s strengths, the anonymous reviewer called House of Hope “the best for those who have lost hope” but, recognizing the role of family involvement in addiction recovery, felt a need for “more interaction with loved ones within the programs on a regular basis.” “These facilities don’t get the whole truth and nothing but without involving the family,” they commented.


House of Hope is funded by the Ohio Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services, offers a sliding fee scale for payment, and maintains that most clients qualify “for no or reduced charges” for treatment.


Reviews about House of Hope, Inc.

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  • House of Hope, the best for those who have lost hope. Maryhaven, well, they do their best. House of Hope, I saw no weakness other than on the part of my loved one. Maryhaven, too relaxed in mandatory participation. Yet again, it's the loved one's choice. There needs to be more interaction with loved ones within the programs on a regular basis. My adult son is a heroin user and it has had an effect on our entire family. These facilities don't get the whole truth and nothing but without involving the family.