Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


The behavioral health department of Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority operates six outpatient clinics in Oklahoma as well as two residential programs for treating mental health and substance use disorders. Located close to the Health Services Authority’s central medical and dental clinic in Talihina, a short-term co-ed and a long-term women’s rehab center serve Choctaw Nation eligible clients. Both incorporate holistic education, 12-step practices, counseling, and culturally-affirming activities.


Choctaw Nation clients can access short-term residential treatment for addiction at the Recovery Center, which offers a 28-day program built on individual, group, and family counseling. Outpatient programming is available at the main health care clinic and at satellite clinics in McAlester, Broken Bow, Hugo, Poteau, and near Hartshorne. Services include case management and therapy for both substance use and other mental health disorders. The focus of treatment is on developing coping and problem-solving skills, according to the facility’s website.

Choctaw women, and in particular those who are pregnant or living with children, may stay at Chi Hullo Li, a long-term residential facility. Residents can expect to participate in an array of activities addressing holistic wellness, from spiritual and physical care to social recovery, using life skills and education.

In addition to the counseling available at other Choctaw facilities, an Oklahoma state government document lists identifies such offerings as GED classes, exercise sessions, 12-step Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and special-topic groups. Groups address communication, anger management, parenting, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

All programs integrate relevant Native American activities and perspectives.


Choctaw Nation’s treatment team includes psychiatrists, nurses, and master’s-level therapists.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However data from the two individuals polled by to date indicates strong satisfaction in these areas. Metrics measuring general accommodations, meals and nutrition, exercise and leisure activities, and the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep each received ratings of four or five out of five stars. One loved one gave just three stars for policies addressing communication between residents and those outside rehab.


Feedback from former clients of Choctaw Nation substance abuse treatment and general health services was nearly universally positive at the time of this writing. The soul alum polled by would recommend the Recovery Center program to others and granted high ratings for several metrics measuring aspects of treatment as well as accommodations.

While acknowledging that they struggled with the facility’s highly structured, communal environment, the alum G.Q. gave four-star ratings for the overall effectiveness of treatment, the level of staff training and experience as well as group and individual counselors, flexibility available in treatment approaches, and holistic offerings – a Choctaw Nation behavioral heath priority.

On CiteHealth, two reviewers submitted polar opposite opinions. One agreed with the reviewer that the quality of care was high, citing aftercare planning services as a particular strength. The other alum, however, emphatically reported that their counselors were not helpful.[1]

Most other online feedback was for the general health center in Talihina. A public Facebook page for center had an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars based on input from 121 individuals. Many praised the facility’s staff. Complaints tended to be about long waits and a lack of attention in the emergency department.[2]


An anonymous loved one polled by, asked to rate their likelihood to recommend the center to others on a scale of one to five, awarded the maximum five stars. They rated the effectiveness of treatment at the same level, and agreed with the alum’s rating of four stars for the availability of counseling options. However, family participation did not fare well, with just a two-star rating. “Really liked tribal/native aspects,” they wrote, but reported that more visitation, phone calls, and family therapy were needed.


Four former or current employees of Choctaw National Health Services Authority posted Glassdoor reviews. Two agreed that the work environment and most staff members were “great,” reporting that employees loved their jobs. One reviewer cited high-turnover at the entry-level and another cited inconsistencies in policies and procedures as weaknesses.


Choctaw Nation encourages those seeking services to obtain outside insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid, to supplement their Indian Health Care coverage.


Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Reviews

Strengths: staff, food, phone calls, atmosphere, t@taught self worth and heritage. Weaknesses: Lack of/not enough Visitation and participation of family members. Really liked tribal/native aspects. Think more family participation was needed. No costs because of tribal affiliation.