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Clarity Way Hanover Pennsylvania

Clarity Way takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. The residential drug and alcohol rehab center, which is located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, uses a variety of treatment modalities to heal the mind, body, and spirit. With a small number of clients admitted at a time, Clarity Way creates a personal, comfortable environment for people to address the issues that contribute to their substance abuse. Luxury accommodations allow each individual to recover in comfort as they build a foundation for a life of sobriety.


Located in the scenic countryside in Hanover, Pa. 54 miles northwest of Baltimore, Clarity Way is a luxury residential treatment program designed for adults struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health difficulties, with specialized services available for professionals. If necessary, the facility provides medically monitored detoxification services on-site.


Before beginning treatment, clients participate in an initial assessment to help clinicians develop an individualized treatment plan. To treat its residents, Clarity Way combines evidence-based treatment approaches, self-help fellowships (both 12-Step and alternatives), and a range of holistic and experiential treatment approaches.

As indicated, the facility provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT), such as Vivitrol and Suboxone, to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Clarity Way offers comprehensive 30-,60-, and 90-day programs, as well as an abbreviated 14-day residential program. The length of the residential program may be determined by the unique needs of the client.

Utilizes evidence-back therapeutic modalities, such as motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Clarity Way facilitates regular individual counseling sessions to identify the link between irrational thinking and destructive behavior. Couples and family counseling sessions may also be encouraged, and loves ones are invited to attend educational Family Days on the third Saturday each month.

In addition to counseling, clients participate in either a 12-Step program or an alternative recovery model, such as SMART Recovery and Stages of Change model. Participation in these treatment approaches may be incorporated into core programming.

Dually diagnosed clients may meet with a consulting psychiatrist for ongoing psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Along with traditional treatment approaches, Clarity Way incorporates a range of alternative and holistic treatments, including art and music therapy, fitness classes, yoga and Pilates, mindful meditation, and animal-assisted treatment. In addition, the facility offers a number of ancillary treatments for an additional fee. These services include chiropractic and physical therapy for pain management, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Before a client completes residential treatment, clinicians develop customized aftercare plans, which may include locating outpatient-based programs, sober living arrangements, and other community-based resources.


Clarity Way employs a multidisciplinary staff comprised of licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, a board-certified addiction medicine physician, and 24-hour nursing staff.


The Clarity Way’s 15-acre campus includes two residences. The main facility features well-appointed private and semi-private bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, a fully-equipped fitness center, four lounge areas, and business center with Wi-Fi access. The second residence, known as the Cottage, can accommodate up to 11 clients. Residents enjoy private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a fitness center, Wi-Fi access, and gourmet kitchen.

On the grounds, residents also have access to an advanced music studio, art studio, tennis and basketball courts, massage room, a recreation room with pool tables, sunroom, and outdoor heated pool. As a facility that accommodates the needs of professionals, residents are allowed to bring personal laptops and cell phones to use as clinically appropriate.


To date, has polled over well over a dozen alumni, and many praised the facility, citing the facility’s staff and accommodations as strengths. Out of five stars, the nine alumni polled on the criteria gave average ratings of 4.67 stars for the facility’s overall cleanliness and upkeep, as well as 4.56 stars for its holistic offerings. “They don’t force you into the 12 steps. Music and art therapy were great,” alum A.K.L. wrote.

The nine alumni also offered an average rating of 4.33 stars for the staff’s level of training and experience and 4.11 stars for the facility’s counseling options. “The clinical team is excellent and is providing excellent services,” alum M.P. wrote. However, alumni did offer some critiques. Two reviewers noted that the pain management program was lacking, and multiple clients felt the nutrition and quality of food could improve. Some survey respondents also felt the facility was expensive.


The eight loved ones polled by at the time of this writing also generally approved of the facility, including the amount of family involvement in treatment. Offering perfect five-star ratings for the level of family participation and the facility’s counseling options, one anonymous loved one wrote: “They offered better counseling I think than other facilities. They included the family in some of the sessions also.”

Parent Gina felt the facility was highly effective “based not only on their compassion but their various treatment modalities.” Jay, also a parent, highlighted the rehab’s attention to aftercare. “Staff went above and beyond in their attention even after discharge.”

Similar to some criticism from alumni, an anonymous loved one indicated that the center could be prohibitively expensive. “When the money runs out – so do they. No compassion once you’ve spent everything you have,” they wrote.


According to the facility’s website, Clarity Way works with many insurance providers and provides a complimentary cost assessment and benefits evaluation. Collectively, the 12 individuals polled on the matter gave an average rating of 3.08 stars for the facility’s affordability.

Clarity Way Reviews

This facility back in April 2019 when I was there was amazing. The staff the other residents all contributed to my success there. The amenities were perfect, the therapy and groups met my needs. I have heard they've changed owners and the place is not the same I guess. If that is true it is a shame because I can't say how much it changed my life. I still keep in touch with other residents that I was close to while there. I ll never forget the people I met at Clarity way.
Clarity Way in early 2019 was a wonderful place The staff there from the therapists to the chefs all of them amazing people. I met so many clients that I will never forget and still keep in touch with. I learned so much from my one on ones with my therapist and learned from others in our groups. I can't tell you how well you are treated and so many amenities to help keep you balanced and to no stressed. Loved the tennis and basketball courts. Its not cheap but it does work with your insurance and when i was there they were very flexible with payments. I am so grateful I found this place.
Clarity way is a top notch rehab. Its holisitc , multi pronged approach to treating addiction is excellent. I learned many techniques to handle the stresses of daily life which is really important for me. I would reccommend it highly!
I'm really glad that I made the choice to go to Clarity Way. The facility is beautiful and never had more than 20 clients during my 30 day treatment there. Days were filled with productive therapy groups, art and music groups, yoga and meditation and recovery groups such as AA, Refuge Recovery and SMART. The accommodations were incredible....large comfortable beds with 1-2 people per room with a private bathroom, television, gym, pool table, laundry, basketball court, swimming pool in the summer, music studio, art studio and fire pit. Lunch and dinner is prepared fresh everyday by an in house chef who makes it all from scratch. Salad bar and homemade soup everyday too. Every client gets their own cabinet shelf in the kitchen so you can have your own snacks. Bread, bagels, cereal, yogurt and fruit available all day. You're also able to have your phone at this facility, so it makes staying in touch with loved ones much easier. Your family can come to visit you on Saturdays and you have the option to go off site with your family and grab lunch and grab some things from Walmart or Target. Overall, I was very happy with my experience at Clarity Way. I was able to learn a lot about my recovery and what I need to do in order to stay sober. I am very glad my journey started at Clarity Way.