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Discovery House


Discovery House, located in Harrisburg, Penn., offers outpatient treatment to adults struggling with substance abuse and other addictions. Discovery House was founded in 1989 and now has 19 locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Utah. The goal of Discovery House is to offer effective outpatient treatment that will promote holistic recovery.

Detoxification and medication assisted therapy including methadone therapy are offered at the Harrisburg location.


In order to be admitted, clients first take an initial screening assessment to make sure that all admission criteria are met. During the Intake Process, new clients receive education regarding the medication and treatment methods that are being recommended for them. They also receive ongoing nursing and physician care during the beginning periods of the medication regimen to ensure safety, comfort, and stability. There is no set timeline for the length of treatment as each client’s treatment plan is individualized to their unique needs and clients are actively involved in creating their plan of care.

The facility’s treatment program takes on a holistic and individualized approach to recovery. At the beginning of treatment, clients participate in orientation groups to receive education regarding program policy, HIV/AIDS information, medical issues, and addiction/recovery information. As treatment progresses, clients will also participate in both individual and group counseling sessions. Clients should be prepared to have random drug screenings as appropriate and in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Medical follow-ups, annual physicals, and the possibility of take-home medications are all provided for clients as the treatment program progresses. Participants receive methadone medication as treatment for opiate dependence. Families are included in the treatment program and are provided with education to help them understand opioid dependence.


The treatment team includes physicians, substance abuse counselors, and nurses along with program managers and directors and clerical staff.


At time of writing, has received no survey responses from alumni of Discovery House.

On the facility’s Google page, there is an overall rating of 3.4 out of five stars based on eight total reviews, indicating mixed reviews.[1] Many of the alumni did express that they had a positive experience at the facility. One alum, S.J., felt that this was the best methadone clinic they had received care. S.J. gave five stars and wrote, “I have been on 5 different methadone clinics along the east coast throughout my life. This is the best clinic I have ever been a part of… I thank God everyday that I was accepted into this program.” S.N., another alum, agreed with that that viewpoint. She also gave five stars and wrote, “Very helpful for those struggling with opiate addiction!!! If you’ve tried every other option with no recovery this is probably the answer. Friendly n helpful staff.”


At time of writing, the one loved one polled by had a generally negative experience at Discovery House and wrote that they would not recommend the facility to others. The loved one did give high four out of five star ratings for the facility’s cleanliness and counseling options. However, they indicated that the program was not affordable and that the treatment and services offered at the facility were not worth the cost. The loved one wrote that a weakness of the facility was that, “they do not give adequate insurance coverage information.” They further advised potential clients to ask many questions ahead of time.


The cost of treatment at the facility is $105 per week. The price includes seeing the doctor, individual and group counseling sessions, drug screens, and medication- regardless of the dose that is prescribed. The facility’s website does not indicate if the Harrisburg locations accepts insurance.


Reviews about Discovery House

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Strengths:Methadone Weakness:Long term
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
None, they do not give adequate insurance coverage information. Do not inform patients of various options for financing treatment. Ask a lot of questions.