New Directions Treatment Services

New Directions Treatment Services


New Directions Treatment Services is a Pennsylvania-licensed treatment provider that offers outpatient treatment programs for individuals seeking recovery from substance dependency. One of five facilities operated by the organization, New Directions of Bethlehem specializes in providing outpatient-based treatment for chemical dependency, including a range of medication-assisted therapy (MAT) programs.

Services are available in both English and Spanish.


Upon intake, clients receive an initial substance abuse assessment to determine an effective treatment approach. Where necessary, New Directions provides MAT to alleviate a client’s withdrawal symptoms and help reduce cravings. Some of the evidence-based medications include Suboxone, Naloxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. New Directions of Bethlehem also has a methadone maintenance program.

Along with pharmacological therapies to alleviate the physical effects of chemical dependency, the facility provides counseling services and psychoeducational classes to address the psychological and emotional sources of addiction. New Directions facilitates individual, group, and family counseling sessions to identify the underlying factors of a client’s addictive behavior. Psychoeducational groups support sustained recovery by focusing on relapse prevention techniques like coping skills and trigger avoidance. Clients may also be introduced to peer-led recovery programs, such as 12-Step.

During treatment, New Directions provides ongoing medication management, which may involve a gradual tapering-off from the medication regimen. This “titration” process helps to ensure clients receive effective, but not excessive doses of medication. Following completion of the outpatient program, clients receive comprehensive discharge planning and referrals to support services within the local community.


New Directions Treatment Services employs a board-certified adult psychiatrist, registered and licensed practical nurses, primary care physicians, and certified substance abuse counselors.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s alumni.

Secondary sources revealed polarized perspectives. Of the six Google Reviews, two awarded the facility perfect five-star ratings, while four gave the facility only one or two stars. Critical of the facility’s cleanliness, alum Jaime wrote: “I’m very very displeased. The inside is very dirty. The waiting room is disgusting.” However, alum Cheryl specifically cited the facility’s methadone program as effective: “Saved my life and alot of my friends lives.” [1]


The single loved one polled by to date generally approved of most aspects of the facility. They gave a perfect five stars for the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep, the treatment staff’s level of experience and training, and the family participation. They only gave three stars for the counseling options, but told of the program’s “Well maintained schedule to keep you on track.”


New Directions Treatment Services accepts some private insurance plans, including BlueCross BlueShield, as well as Medicaid and military insurance.


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Well maintained schedule to keep you on track. If you need help, you should really seek treatment, and a well-maintained facility and staff could help with that. Also support from your family is really important too.