Family House Now (New Options for Women)

Family House Now (New Options for Women)


Established in 1970, Resources for Human Development (RHD) is a national nonprofit organization that serves tens of thousands of people annually across 15 states. The nonprofit runs dozens of programs to address addiction, mental and behavioral health, homelessness, and other issues.

Located in Philadelphia, Family House Now (New Options for Women) offers long-term residential care exclusively for women and their children. The facility is among the 15 (2.8%) of facilities in the state to house clients’ children.


Opened in 1995, Family House Now is one of a few long-term programs throughout the country for both mothers struggling with substance and/or mental illness as well as their children. During the residential program, residents may participate in individual and group counseling, attend educational classes, and participate in coping skills workshops. Medication management may also be available as needed.

While addressing issues related to behavioral and mental health, the program also helps women develop the life skills and parenting skills necessary to become more independent, reliable caretakers. Prevention and intervention services are also available for children. Throughout treatment, Family House NOW provides intensive case management services, which may assist residents to locate outpatient-based care, vocational training and/or educational opportunities, and stable housing.


Per the organization’s Careers page, Family House Now staffs ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Counselors and Prevention Intervention Assistants. In the state of Pennsylvania, 98.7 percent of all substance abuse treatment centers have continuing education requirements for staff. In addition, the sole survey respondent at the time of this writing gave five stars for the staff’s level of training and experience.


There is currently no information provided by the organization regarding its living arrangements and related offerings; however, the sole reviewer to date awarded four stars or more for the center’s accommodations, meal quality, and the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility.


The single anonymous alum to provide feedback to gave mostly four- and five-star ratings across more than a dozen metrics evaluated, such as counseling options, extracurricular activities, the family programming, the administrative policies and procedures, and whether or not the program was worth the cost. “They don’t turn anyone away their doors is always open,” the alum wrote. When surveyed on particular facility strengths, this former client listed, “Kind, honest,understanding.”

On Google, three individuals gave two five-star and one four-star rating .[1] The only reviewer to leave written feedback referred to the staff as “flexible,” praised the “safe and secure location,” and positively added: “Children are cared for when other programs neglect them.”


As a nonprofit, RHD is supported by tax-deductible monetary gifts, and donations of furniture, books, and other goods and services.

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  • Kind, honest,understanding. This rehab is alsume they care for their clients. They don't turn anyone away their doors is always open